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Project Information

Project Information

A Third DMMI Workshop Series: Workshop on Topology Optimization in Design: Exploiting Advanced Manufacturing

Project Scope:

Workshop Description:

Topology Optimization in Design: Exploiting Advanced Manufacturing

This workshop will examine how Topology Optimization can be effectively implemented and extended to meet next generation needs in defense manufacturing, and explore alternatives for unifying its use in materials and manufacturing communities.

Overall Project Statement of Task:

Five ad hoc committees will convene a series of five 2-day public workshops to discuss issues in defense materials and manufacturing.  The topics to be discussed in these workshops are the following:
  1. Domestic Manufacturing Capabilities for Critical DoD Applications: Emerging Needs in Quantum-Enabled Systems; 
  2. What Does Quantum Computing Bring to New Materials Design; 
  3. Topology Optimization in Design: Exploiting Advanced Manufacturing; 
  4. Data Analytics and What it Means to the Materials Community; and 
  5. What's next after Complementary Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor (CMOS).
For the ad hoc committee for each workshop, the Defense Materials, Manufacturing, and Infrastructure (DMMI) standing committee will contribute its most suitable members for that topic, with the ad hoc committee's membership to be supplemented to provide the necessary expertise to plan and conduct the workshop.  Each ad hoc committee will then develop the agenda for the workshop, select and invite speakers and discussants, and moderate the discussions. The workshops will use a mix of individual presentations, panels, and question-and-answer sessions to develop an understanding of the relevant issues. The workshop will highlight some recent developments in applicable research fields. Key stakeholders will be identified and invited to participate. Workshop summaries will be prepared separately by a designated rapporteur after each workshop in this series.

Status: Current


RSO: Svedberg, Erik


Engineering and Technology

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Committee Membership

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National Academy of Sciences Building
2101 Constitution Ave NW, Washington, DC 20418
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Topic 1: Topology Optimization and Advanced Manufacturing Technologies

Topology optimization focuses on the function of a material or structure, but the manufacture of the material or structure is rarely considered as part of the optimization. In practice, this results in designs that are theoretically optimal but that could never be realized. This topic considers how topology optimization can incorporate manufacturability along with functional design. We ask: What new methods are required to simultaneously optimize a design and its manufacture; What new manufacturing technologies are enabled by doing so; and What are the step change improvements that can be created in the underlying manufacturing technologies?


Topic 2: Topology Optimization and Multi-Physics

Most topology optimizers consider a single physical domain, for example stress-strain analysis for structural design, or electromagnetic analysis for photonic crystal design. This topic considers challenges and opportunities that combine multiple physical processes. For example: How might we create an optimal design for both mechanical properties along with fluid-structure interactions; or how might we create an optimal design for a chemically reacting flow in the presence of a distributed catalyst? The session will discuss the methods required for multi-functional topology optimization and the software intelligence required to search these design spaces.


Topic 3:  Topology Optimization of Soft Materials and Deformable Structures

Soft and compliant structures could unlock new applications in medicine and bioengineering, wearable structures and devices, and human-machine interfaces. While topology optimization for rigid materials and structures is quite mature, there are a lack of tools and methods for topology optimization of soft or compliant structures, and structures that undergo large deformations as part of their intended function. This topic considers: What are the fundamental challenges for topology optimization of soft structures and how might these be overcome; and for what applications and domains would there transformational new opportunities.

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