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Project Information

Project Information

Developing a Patient-Centered Approach to Optimizing Veterans' Access to Health Care Services: A Workshop

Project Scope:

An ad hoc planning committee will plan and host a 1.5-day public workshop to facilitate a discussion focused on patient-centered methods to optimize timely access to high-quality healthcare for veterans.

The meeting will feature invited presentations and discussions on topics that may include:  

  • The evolving concept of access to health care services;
  • The potential for digital communication modalities to diminish geospatial and temporal gaps in patient care;

  • Case studies of effective methods and workforce to optimize access to care for complex conditions such as cancer, mental health disorders, and other time-sensitive care needs;

  • The development and implementation of technologies and algorithms to help identify patients with escalating health care needs and to prioritize their access to primary care, mental health care, and specialty care;

  • Tools and methods to measure the quality and impact of access to healthcare services; and

  • Ways to optimally utilize the assets available within the Veterans Health Administration (VHA), such as Patient Aligned Care Teams and telehealth, to facilitate veterans’ access to health care

The planning committee will develop the agenda, select and invite subject matter experts and discussants, and moderate the discussions. A designated rapporteur will develop proceedings of the presentations and discussions at the workshop in accordance with institutional guidelines.

Status: Current

PIN: HMD-HCS-19-02

RSO: Zevon, Emily


Board on Health Care Services


Health and Medicine

Geographic Focus:

Committee Membership

Kenneth W. Kizer - (Chair)
Adrian Atizado
David H. Au
Andrew B. Bindman
Joseph Kimura
Timathie Leslie
Mark Murray
Lisa Rubenstein
Jeannette E. South-Paul
Heather Young



National Academy of Sciences Building
2101 Constitution Ave NW, Washington, DC 20418
Event Type :  

Description :   

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine will hold a public workshop, Developing a Patient-Centered Approach to Optimizing Veterans' Access to Health Care Services, on March 12-13, 2020 in Washington, DC. The workshop will examine patient-centered methods to optimize access to high-quality health care for veterans.

The workshop will feature invited presentations and discussions on topics that may include:

  • Conceptualizing and defining health care access;
  • Tools and methods to assess access to health care services;
  • Strategies to optimize access, including telehealth services, and opportunities to use VA assets to improve access and continuity of care; and
  • Strategies to ensure timely access to care for special patient populations.

The workshop will be accessible to the public via live webcast and in-person attendance (seating is limited). Please register online to receive an email with the instructions on how to join this workshop.

More information about this workshop (e.g., agenda and speakers) will be forthcoming.

If you would like to attend the sessions of this event that are open to the public or need more information please contact

Contact Name:  Carol Sandoval
Contact Email:
Contact Phone:  (202) 334-3176

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