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Project Information

Project Information

Enhancing Private Sector Readiness for 21st Century Health Threats-An Expert Meeting and Workshop

Project Scope:

In response to a request from HHS/ASPR, HMD will conduct an expert meeting with senior leaders in health care, followed by a large public workshop/symposium. An ad hoc planning committee will be appointed to organize and conduct the workshop. A Proceedings in Brief will be produced from the workshop and released by September 30, 2019.

Expert Meeting

The National Academies will convene a one-day expert meeting of up to twenty (20) senior health care leaders to discuss high-level, strategic approaches to:

-Identify, assess, and prioritize potential incentives – including financial and policy – that could be used to incentivize the health care sector to improve readiness for 21st century health threats. Potential analysis may include:

*Why increased private sector health care system investment in services and systems that increase capacity and capabilities to respond to 21st century health threats is needed;                  
*Levers that could incentivize private health care sector participation in readiness activities through direct or indirect payments.         
*Guidance about how to integrate military (DOD and VA) and civilian response assets.
*Ways to identify, develop, and maintain the highly specialized clinical capabilities critical to unusual hazards (chemical, emerging infectious disease) or catastrophic events (radiation/nuclear)

*Ways to increase healthcare coalition participation to ensure that states and multi-state regions maintain accessible and response-ready clinical capabilities that are essential in disaster and public health emergencies;
*Ways to integrate the National Disaster Medical System for engagement of private sector health care facilities in readiness

-Identify practical approaches for implementing identified incentives.

-Discuss role of private sector champions in motivating key health system leadership to invest in the enhancement of private sector readiness for 21st century health threats.

Public Workshop

An ad hoc planning committee will organize and convene a 1.5-day public workshop in Washington, D.C. to expand upon the discussions of the expert meeting in a larger venue of hospital and health care system c-suite executives and other experts to discuss potential actionable approaches to:

-Incentivize the health care sector to improve readiness for 21st century health threats, and explore practical options for implementation;          

-Identify private sector champions (when appropriate) to motivate key health system leadership to invest in the enhancement of private sector readiness for 21st century health threats.

The planning committee will develop the agenda for the workshop session, select and invite speakers and discussants, and moderate the discussions. A Proceedings of the Workshop-In Brief will be prepared by a designated rapporteur in accordance with institutional guidelines, based on the presentations and discussions held during the workshop. The proceedings will be subject to appropriate review procedures before release.

Status: Current

PIN: HMD-HSP-19-04

RSO: Wollek, Scott


Board on Health Sciences Policy


Conflict and Security Issues
Health and Medicine

Geographic Focus:

Committee Membership

Donald M. Berwick - (Chair)
Jeffrey P. Gold
Katherine L. Heilpern
Gabor D. Kelen
Ana P. McKee
John E. Prescott
David L. Reich
Kenneth I. Shine
Andrew Wiesenthal
Gary J. Young



National Academy of Sciences Building
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The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine is hosting an upcoming workshop titled Enhancing Private Sector Preparedness for 21st Century Health Threats. The workshop will bring together public- and private-sector partners to discuss approaches to aligning health system incentives with the American public’s need for a healthcare system that is optimally prepared for day-to-day duties and responses to public health emergencies. Topics to be addressed include challenges around and opportunities for public–private collaboration, levers to motivate private sector investment in preparedness, and information/data elements that will improve situational awareness of system capabilities.

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