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Project Information

Project Information

Advancing Sustainability of US – Mexico Transboundary Drylands – A Workshop

Project Scope:

An ad hoc steering committee from the U.S. and Mexico will plan and conduct a 2-day, open bi-national workshop aimed at advancing sustainability science in the shared drylands region.  The workshop will highlight existing sustainability research in the region, identify opportunities to address gaps in research through use-inspired research initiatives, and explore the following questions:
•  What are the key sustainability challenges and vulnerabilities facing stakeholders in the Mexico-U.S. drylands region (defined as the border region as well as adjoining drylands with shared ecological characteristics, natural-resource based activities (e.g., mining, irrigated agriculture) and socio-economic characteristics)?
•  What are the bi-national and regional research and sustainability approaches that are already in place to address these challenges?
•  What are the potential binational priorities for research that could advance use-inspired research to promote sustainable development in this region, such as adaptive water management, health ecosystems, strengthening local and regional economics, including community and population resilience, and reducing impacts on vulnerable populations?
A proceedings of the presentations and discussions from the workshop will be prepared by a designated rapporteur and published following the National Academies' policies and procedures for such publications, including the standard review procedures.  The proceedings will be a joint document published in English by the National Academies Press and in Spanish by the Mexican Academy of Sciences and will be used to help stimulate interest in additional bi-national collaborations.

Status: Current


RSO: Warden, Toby M

Geographic Focus:
North America

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Committee Membership

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The National Academies has just released Advancing Sustainability of U.S. - Mexico Transboundary Drylands: Proceedings of a Workshop.  BECS, along with the Board on Atmospheric Sciences and Climate and the Water Science and Technology Board oversaw this activity that was a bi-national collaboration between the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, with support from the George and Cynthia Mitchell Endowment for Sustainability Sciences, and the Mexican Academy of Sciences, Academy of Engineering, and National Academy of Medicine. It brought together experts from both countries who discussed the key sustainability challenges facing stakeholders in the Mexico – U.S. drylands region and binational priorities for research that could promote sustainable development.

The board will discuss the workshop and ensuing proceedings in depth in this session.  A Spanish language version is forthcoming. 

If you would like to attend the sessions of this event that are open to the public or need more information please contact

Contact Name:  Leticia Green
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Contact Phone:  (202) 334-3212

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