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Project Information

Project Information

Frontiers in Decadal Climate Variability: A Workshop

Project Scope:

An ad hoc NRC committee will plan a workshop to bring together atmospheric and ocean climate experts to review the current science for decadal climate variability. Workshop participants will be asked to:

  1. examine our understanding of the processes governing decadal-scale variability in key climate parameters, observational evidence of decadal variability and potential forcings, and model-based experiments to explore possible factors affecting decadal variations;
  2. discuss key science, observing, and modeling gaps;
  3. consider the utility and accuracy of various observations for tracking long-term climate variability, anticipating the onset and end of hiatus regimes, and closing the long-term heat budget;
  4. consider the utility of hiatus regimes as a metric for evaluating performance of long-term climate models; and
  5. consider how best to communicate current understanding of climate variability, including potential causes and consequences, to non-expert audiences.

A summary of the workshop will be prepared by a designated rapporteur in accordance with institutional guidelines.

Status: Completed


RSO: Staudt, Amanda


Earth Sciences
Environment and Environmental Studies

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Committee Membership

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