"Reports & Events" is a monthly tip sheet for the news media that highlights selected meetings of interest and reports from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine.

Selected Events in April 2019
Click on each event's title to access meeting details, an agenda, and registration information, or contact the Office of News and Public Information (202-334-2138 or e-mail news@nas.edu). Reporters should register for all meetings. More events can be found at http://www8.nationalacademies.org/publicevent/.

Health Equity Approach to Obesity Efforts
April 1 | Washington, D.C.
This workshop will explore the history of health equity issues in demographic groups who have above-average obesity risk and consider principles and approaches to addressing these issues as part of obesity prevention and treatment efforts. It will also feature presentations that address current policies and practices that perpetuate health inequities and advance health equity.  The event will be webcast.

Stronger Food and Drug Regulatory Systems Abroad
April 3 | Washington, D.C.
This is the second meeting of a National Academies committee tasked with assessing the current international food and drug regulatory landscape and progress made since the 2012 report Ensuring Safe Food and Medical Products Through Stronger Regulatory Systems AbroadSessions will focus on building systems on risk, raising the prominence of regulatory systems, and donor motivators and the future of aid.  The event will be webcast.

Improving Access to and Equity of Care for People with Serious Illness
April 4 | Washington, D.C.
Featuring invited presentations and panel discussions, this workshop will provide an overview of the landscape for improving access to and equity of care for people with serious illness and look at achieving health equity for this group from the perspectives of organizations and communities, patients, families, and clinicians.  It will also examine policy considerations and next steps for implementing solutions.  The event will be webcast.

Health Literacy in Clinical Trials
April 11 | Washington, D.C.
Panels and speakers at this workshop will explore challenges or barriers for diverse populations’ participation in clinical trials; best practices for clinical trial sites and researchers incorporating health literacy practices; and effective health literacy strategies for clear communication with participants.  The event will be webcast.

Addressing Sickle Cell Disease
April 16 | Washington, D.C.
This is the second open session of a National Academies committee tasked with developing a strategic plan and blueprint for addressing sickle cell disease in the United States.  The event will be webcast.

Advancing Gene-Targeted Therapies for Central Nervous System Disorders
April 23 and 24 | Washington, D.C.
This workshop will bring together experts and key stakeholders from academia, government, industry, and nonprofit organizations to explore approaches for advancing the development of gene-targeted therapies for central nervous system (CNS) disorders.  The event will be webcast.

Reports Scheduled for Release in April
Release dates for the following consensus reports and proceedings from the Academies depend on successful completion of the review process and publishing schedules. Reporters who would like to be notified when a report is due for release should contact the Office of News and Public Information — 202-334-2138 or e-mail news@nas.edu — and ask to be placed on the contact list.

Assessment of the Information Sciences Directorate of the Army Research Office
Provides an assessment of the scientific and technical quality of the Army Research Laboratory's programs of research and development related to its information science technical area.

Evaluation of the Disability Determination Process for Traumatic Brain Injury in Veterans
Reviews the process by which the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs assesses impairments for traumatic brain injury (TBI) in individuals who submit claims for compensation for TBI.

The Promise of Adolescence: Realizing Opportunity for All Youth
Examines the neurobiological and socio-behavioral science of adolescent development, health, well-being, resilience, and ability to make decisions.

Strategic Long-Term Participation by the Department of Defense in its Manufacturing Innovation Institutes
Looks at issues associated with the long-term sustainability of the Manufacturing Innovation Institutes (MIIs) now supported by the U.S. Department of Defense. The report also provides input for a potential, longer-term National Academies activity that will address similar issues as they relate to all MIIs.


April 3 and 4 | Irvine, Calif.
Misinformation about science in the public sphere is of great concern to scientists and to those who seek to communicate and support the use of science in public debate and decision-making.  At this colloquium, researchers and science communicators will examine the various types and sources of misinformation about science and how it is spread through the news media, social media, and other channels, the science behind correcting misinformation, and best practices for communicating trustworthy, reputable science to policymakers and the public.

April 8 | Washington, D.C.
Engineering workplaces strive for diverse workforces and inclusive cultures, but for many, reaching these goals is a persistent challenge. The 2019 NAE Convocation of Professional Engineering Societies will explore research on culture, patterns of disadvantage and inequity, career self-efficacy and outcomes, universal design, and other related topics. Panelists will also present and discuss effective practices to enhance and support diversity and inclusion.  The event will be webcast.

NAS Annual Meeting
April 27-30 | Washington, D.C.
Events for the 156th annual meeting of the National Academy of Sciences include an induction ceremony for members elected in 2018, a ceremony for 2019 award recipients, an address to members by NAS President Marcia McNutt, and a symposium titled “Establishing the Trustworthiness of Science.”  Each of these events will be webcast.  Also during the meeting, new NAS members will be elected; election results will be available online by noon EDT on April 30.  Reporters should register in advance with the Office of News and Public Information to receive the list of new members via e-mail or to attend any of the public sessions in person.




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