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Meeting Information

Project Title: Using Multiple Data Sources and State-of-the-Art Estimation Methods in Federal Statistics: Frameworks, Methods, and Assessment

PIN: DBASSE-CNSTAT-13-09         

Major Unit:
Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education

Sub Unit:
Committee on National Statistics

Harris-Kojetin, Brian

Subject/Focus Area:
Behavioral and Social Sciences

Using Multiple Data Sources and State-of-the-Art Estimation Methods in Federal Statistics: Frameworks, Methods, and Assessment
June 1, 2016 - June 2, 2016
Keck Center
500 5th Street, NW
Washington D.C. 20001

If you would like to attend the sessions of this meeting that are open
to the public or need more information please contact:

Contact Name: Agnes Gaskin
Phone: 202-334-2240
Fax: 202-334-3751


Panel on Improving Federal Statistics for
Policy and Social Science Research Using Multiple Data Sources and
State-of-the-Art Estimation Methods


June 1, 2016
The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine
Keck Center, 500 Fifth Street NW, Room 100
Washington, DC AGENDA

8:30 am Welcome, Introductions, and Goals of the Workshop
Bob Groves, Chair; Georgetown University
Note: Continental Breakfast available outside Keck 100 at 8:00 am

8:35 am Session I: Creating and Building Data Systems
Moderator: Jim Lynch, University of Maryland

Federalism Run Amok: Building a Data Infrastructure for K-12 Education in the
Jack Buckley, The College Board

Implementation of NCS-X/NIBRS in Police Jurisdictions
Howard Snyder, Bureau of Justice Statistics

Census Bureau Experiences in Obtaining State UI and SNAP Data
Ron Jarmin, Census Bureau

10:20 am BREAK

10:35 am Session II: Using Alternative Data Sources
Moderator: Ophir Freider, Georgetown University

Sensing Cities
Steve Koonin, NYU Center for Urban Science and Progress

11:15 am Session III: Integrating State Data Systems

Moderator: H.V. Jagadish, University of Michigan

Building State Infrastructure to Effectively Manage, Link, and Use Data
Rachel Zinn, Workforce Data Quality Campaign

11:55 pm Working Lunch: lunch will be provided for all attendees

12:50 pm Session IV: Integrating Local and National Data Systems
Moderator: Colm O’Muircheartaigh, NORC/University of Chicago

Linking City, County, State, and Federal datasets
Robert Goerge, Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago

Encouraging National, Public, and Private Data Sharing through the Regional
Integrated Transportation Information System
Michael Pack, University of Maryland

2:05 pm Session V: Governance of Integrated Data Systems
Moderator: Frauke Kreuter, University of Maryland

Common Governance Models for Integrated Data Systems
Whitney LeBoeuf, University of Pennsylvania

2:45 pm BREAK

3:00 pm Session VI: Privacy
Moderator: Marc Rotenberg, Electronic Privacy Information Center

Privacy Issues with Sensor Data Collections
Michael Froomkin, University of Miami

Information Sharing and Analytics with Privacy by Design
Jeff Jonas, IBM

4:15 pm Session VII. Issues with Federal Statistical Agency Gaining Access to Datasets
Moderator: Cynthia Dwork, Microsoft Research

Discussions with Private firms about Sharing Data with Federal Statistical
Steve Eglash, Stanford University

5:00 pm Adjourn

Closed Session Summary Posted After the Meeting

The following committee members were present at the closed sessions of the meeting:
Robert Groves
Michael Chernew
Piet Daas
Cynthia Dwork
Ophir Frieder
Hosagrahar V. Jagadish
Frauke Kreuter
James Lynch
Sharon Lohr
Colm O'Muircheartaigh
Trivellore Raghunathan
and Marc Rotenberg

The following topics were discussed in the closed sessions:

The following materials (written documents) were made available to the committee in the closed sessions:

Date of posting of Closed Session Summary: June 23, 2016