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Joel N. BregmanUniversity of MichiganThe Cosmic Web of BaryonsBregman_Cosmic_Web_GCT_CFP.pdf
Arlin CrottsColumbia UniversitySN Ia Cosmology and Deep Imaging Surveyastro2010ALPACA.pdf
Bernard SchutzMax Planck Institute for Gravitational PhysicsWill Einstein Have the Last Word on Gravity?Will Einstein Have the Last Word on Gravity.pdf
M. Charles NoeckerSpeaking for myself; sitting at Ball AerospaceCombining JDEM and Exoplanet MissionsNoecker_JDEM_and_Exoplanets_CFP_PSF.doc
Rafael GuzmanUniversity of FloridaReference Science Case for a MOAO-fed Deployable-IFU IR Spectrograph (MDIRS) on Extremely Large Telescopes (ELT): Surveys of Star Formation Over Cosmological TimescalesGuzman_MDIRS_Surveys_PSF_SSE_GAN_GCT_CFP.pdf
Adam RiessJohns Hopkins UniversityDark Energy from a Space-Based Platform (replacement)de_whitepaper_ver10.pdf
James KastingPenn StateExoplanet Characterization and the Search for LifeKasting_Exoplanet_Characterization__PSF.pdf
Martin ElvisSmithsonian Astrophysical ObservatoryActive Galaxies and Quasars, 2010-2020Elvis_AGN_quasar_GCT_CFP-1.pdf
Knut A.G. OlsenNOAOThe Star Formation Histories of Disk and E/S0 Galaxies from Resolved StarsOlsen_stellar_populations_GAN.pdf
Anton KoekemoerSpace Telescope Science InstituteTracing the Mass Buildup of Supermassive Black Holes and their Host GalaxiesKoekemoer_black_hole_masses_CFP_GCT.pdf
Spencer Adam StanfordUniversity of California, DavisGalaxy Evolution Studies with Deep, Wide-field, Near-Infrared SurveysStanford_NIR_GCT.pdf
Lucianne WalkowiczUniversity of California, BerkeleyThe Impact of the Astro2010 Recommendations on Variable Star ScienceWalkowicz_variable_star_science_SSE.pdf
Mark ReidHarvard-Smithsonian CfAMotions of Galaxies in the Local Group and
Rolf A. JansenArizona State University, School of Earth and Space ExplorationGalaxy Assembly and SMBH/AGN-growth from Cosmic Dawn to the End of Reionization (revised)Jansen_GlxAssembly+SMBHgrowth_GCT_CFP_revised.pdf
Gijs NelemansRadboud University NijmegenThe astrophysics of ultra-compact binariesnelemans_ultracompact_binaries_GAN.pdf
Gijs NelemansRadboud University NijmegenThe astrophysics of ultra-compact binariesnelemans_ultracompact_binaries_CFP.pdf
Dan CoeJPL / CaltechDetailed dark matter maps of galaxy cluster substructure and direct comparison to simulationsCoe_cluster_substructure_CFP.pdf
Paolo CoppiYale UniversityLifting the Veil on the Black Hole-Galaxy Connection: Opportunities for 2010-2020coppi_existv2_gct.pdf
Michael StamatikosThe Ohio State UniversityMulti-Messenger Astronomy with GRBs: A White Paper for the Astro2010 Decadal SurveyStamatikos_GRB_Astrophysics_SSE.pdf
Ivo LabbeCarnegie ObservatoriesUnderstanding Galaxy AssemblyLabbe_galaxy_assembly_USLetter_GCT.pdf
Donald G. YorkUniversity of ChicagoTime Domain Research in AstronomyYork_Time_Domain_CFP.pdf
Jason KaliraiSpace Telescope Science InstituteResolved Stellar Populations in the Milky WayKalirai_Clusters_SSE_GAN.pdf
Adam L. KrausCalifornia Institute of TechnologyThe Formation and Architecture of Young Planetary SystemsKraus_YoungPlanets_PSF.pdf
lincoln greenhillCfAEstimation of the Hubble Constant and Con-straint on Descriptions of Dark Energygreenhill_darkenergy-H0_cfp.pdf
John W. MitchellNASA Goddard Space Flight CenterHigh Energy Cosmic Ray Electrons; Scientific Objectives and PerspectivesMitchell_High_Energy_Electrons_SSE_GAN_CFP.pdf