"Reports & Events" is a monthly tip sheet for the news media that highlights selected meetings of interest and reports from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine.

Selected Events in December 2017

Click on each event's title to access meeting details, an agenda, and registration information, or contact the Office of News and Public Information (202-334-2138 or e-mail news@nas.edu). Reporters should register for all meetings. More events can be found at http://www8.nationalacademies.org/publicevent/.

Nutrigenomics and the Future of Nutrition
Dec. 5 | Washington, D.C.
This workshop will explore the influence of genetic and epigenetic expression on nutritional status, including the potential impact of personalized nutrition on health maintenance and chronic disease prevention. It will also investigate key public health and regulatory policy considerations presented in the context of emerging nutrigenomics applications to personalized nutrition, and the challenges to globalization of public health guidance that may be informed by nutrigenomic research.  The event will be webcast.

Exploring Tax Policy to Advance Population Health, Health Equity, and Economic Prosperity
Dec. 7 | Oakland, Calif.
This workshop will address the use of tax policies to channel resources and shape economic incentives affecting population health.  Presentations and discussions will range from design of tax policies to advance a range of health and economic goals, to practical conditions that affect the use of tax policy in particular contexts.  The event will be webcast.

Transmission Pathways of Infectious Diseases in the Urban Built Environment
Dec. 12 and 13 | Washington, D.C.
This workshop will examine new transmission pathways of microbes in the urban built environment that affect human health, and will include discussions on the social, physical, environmental, and political drivers of infectious disease transmission in an increasingly urban and interconnected world.  It will also cover effective interventions and policies to achieve sustainable, health-promoting urban built environments.  The event will be webcast.

Reports Scheduled for Release in December

Release dates for the following consensus reports and proceedings from the Academies depend on successful completion of the review process and publishing schedules. Reporters who would like to be notified when a report is due for release should contact the Office of News and Public Information -- 202-334-2138 or e-mail news@nas.edu -- and ask to be placed on the contact list.

Advancing Understanding of the Implications of Environmental-Chemical Interactions With the Human Microbiomes
Develops a research strategy to better understand the interactions between environmental chemicals and human microbiomes and impacts on human health risk.

Developing a Smarter National Surveillance System for Occupational Safety and Health in the 21st Century
Provides recommendations to develop a smarter, more coordinated, and cost-effective system for occupational safety and health surveillance in the United States.

In-Time Aviation Safety Management Challenges and Research for an Evolving Aviation System
This report proposes a research agenda to develop a suite of tools to support a prototype integrated safety monitoring and assurance system that detects, predicts, and prevents safety problems in the national airspace system in real time, particularly with regard to the safety of commercial transports.

Indicators for Monitoring Undergraduate STEM Education
Develops a framework using a diverse array of student, instructor, departmental, and institutional practices, policies, and perceptions for monitoring the status and quality of undergraduate STEM education.

Long-Term Management of the Spirit Lake/Toutle River System in Southwest Washington
Recommends a decision-making framework that would inform the long-term management of risks related to the Spirit Lake and Toutle River system in Washington state.

Measuring the 21st Century Science and Engineering Workforce
Reviews the current approach of the National Science Foundation's National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics for measuring the science and engineering workforce in the United States and makes recommendations for a framework that provides flexibility to examine emerging issues related to the workforce population.

A Midterm Assessment of Implementation of the Decadal Survey on Life and Physical Sciences Research at NASA
Reviews NASA's Division of Space Life and Physical Sciences Research and Applications progress in addressing the strategies, goals, and priorities outlined in the 2011 Academies decadal survey report.




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