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Reports Currently Scheduled for Release in December


Release dates depend on successful completion of the review process and publishing schedules. Reporters who would like to be notified when a report is due for release should contact the Office of News and Public Information -- 202-334-2138 or e-mail news@nas.edu -- and ask to be placed on the contact list.


Abrupt Impacts of Climate Change: Anticipating Surprises

[National Research Council]

Addresses the likelihood of various components of the physical climate system to undergo major and rapid changes and examines some of the most important potential associated impacts and risks. The report will also explore how to monitor the climate for warnings of abrupt changes and emerging impacts.


Framing Surface Transportation Research for the Nation's Future

[National Research Council]

Describes and evaluates potential frameworks and institutional models for surface-transportation research in the United States, based on experience in the transportation sector internationally and in non-transportation sectors domestically.


Harvesting the Fruits of Inquiry: How Materials Discoveries Improve Our Lives

[National Research Council]

Written for the lay reader, this report describes several examples of advances in materials science that have contributed directly to addressing some of the nation's challenges in energy, health, and climate change.


Oversight and Review of Clinical Gene Transfer Protocols:  Assessing the Role of the Recombinant DNA Advisory Committee

[Institute of Medicine]

To address scientific, legal, and ethical concerns raised by human gene transfer research -- which involves the transfer of genetic material for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes in humans -- the National Institutes of Health formed the Recombinant DNA Advisory Committee (RAC) decades ago to provide an extra level of oversight and public discussion of proposed individual research protocols.  This report provides an independent review and assessment of the state of human gene transfer research, particularly the RAC's role in providing this extra oversight.



Selected Events Through December 2013


Click on each event's title to access meeting details, an agenda, and registration information. Unless otherwise indicated, reporters should contact the Office of News and Public Information (202-334-2138 or e-mail news@nas.edu) to register for all meetings. A full listing of events can be found at http://www8.nationalacademies.org/publicevent/.



Roundtable on crime trends

Dec. 3 | Washington, D.C.

A National Research Council committee will hold a public meeting to explore the implications of individual-level research on criminal propensity for understanding larger crime trends.


Literacy for science

Dec. 9 and 10 | Washington, D.C.

This National Research Council workshop will bring together education researchers; curriculum developers; state, district, and school-level education specialists; and other stakeholders to explore the overlap between the Common Core State Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards, with respect to the "literacy for science" portion outlined in frameworks. This event will be webcast.


Communicating the life sciences

Dec. 9 and 10 | Washington, D.C.

This National Research Council workshop will examine the current communications infrastructure in the life sciences and explore the challenges that scientists face, including intellectual property issues in industry, policy restrictions in government, and lack of incentives and an adequate support structure at the university level.  The workshop will be video webcast.


Analyzing cancer risk near nuclear facilities

Dec. 11 | Washington, D.C.

A National Research Council committee beginning a two-step pilot study of cancer risks in populations near nuclear facilities will hold its first public meeting.  The first step of the study is a planning phase to identify the types of data, models, and processes needed for risk analysis and inform the second stage of the study in which the committee will analyze seven sites around the U.S. and prepare a report with findings and recommendations for carrying out additional assessments at U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission-licensed sites.  More information about the project is available at http://www8.nationalacademies.org/cp/projectview.aspx?key=49579.


The future of nursing

Dec. 11 | Washington, D.C.

The Institute of Medicine's 2013 Richard & Hinda Rosenthal Lecture will examine the impact of the landmark IOM report The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health, released in 2010.   Donna Shalala, president of the University of Miami and chair of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Initiative on the Future of Nursing, will deliver the keynote address, followed by a panel discussion and reception.  Those who cannot attend can watch a live webcast of the event.





Distinctive Voices

Dec. 4 and 11 | Irvine, Calif.

This series of public events held at the Academies' Beckman Center explores the far-reaching role of science, technology, and medicine in our lives. Coming in December:

-- Aliens, Computers, and the Bio-economy by Drew Endy, Stanford University (Dec. 4, 7 p.m. PST)

-- Water Quality and Natural Gas Production by Stephen Osborn, director, Aqueous Geochemistry and Hydrogeology Lab, California State Polytechnic University (Dec. 11, 7 p.m. PST)

CONTACT: Susan Marty, 949-721-2213 or e-mail voicesatbeckman@nas.edu


Ongoing Exhibitions

-- "Steve Miller: Crossing the Line"

Steve Miller's work dissolves conventional distinctions between text and image to explore what distinguishes art from science. On exhibit through Jan. 13, 2014.

-- "Nests: Photographs by Sharon Beals"

More than 20 of Sharon Beals' photographs of nests offer a new window onto the life and beauty of birds. On exhibit through Feb. 10, 2014.





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