Date:  Oct. 15, 2012




Institute of Medicine Honors Three Members for Outstanding Service


WASHINGTON — Today at its 42nd annual meeting, the Institute of Medicine honored members Haile T. Debas, Linda Rosenstock, and Gail Warden for their outstanding service. 


Debas received the Walsh McDermott Medal, awarded to an IOM member for distinguished service over an extended period.  Debas has taken on many roles since his election in 1990 and has been especially influential in shaping the conceptualization of and directions for IOM's work on global health.  His leadership talents include making connections that others do not see and setting high standards and goals for what can be achieved.  Through his service on multiple committees, he has challenged others to look beyond the usual boundaries of an issue and helped IOM produce visionary reports on global health, chronic and infectious diseases, and education, among other subjects.  He has also encouraged committees to develop innovative perspectives and frame recommendations and actions that are both novel and important.  Debas is senior global health adviser at the University of California, San Francisco. 


Rosenstock was presented the David Rall Medal, which is given to an IOM member who has demonstrated particularly distinguished leadership as chair of a study committee or other such activity, showing commitment above and beyond the usual responsibilities of the position.  As chair, Rosenstock led IOM's Committee on Preventive Services for Women in producing a high-impact report with recommendations that were adopted by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.  The report's recommendations, combined with the Affordable Care Act, provide women with historic access to preventive health services.  It was evident from the start that the study results would be scrutinized through political and advocacy lenses by a variety of critical audiences.  Throughout the study, Rosenstock masterfully navigated the multitude of pressures applied by a variety of stakeholders and set high standards for thoroughly substantiating the report's recommendations.  Rosenstock is professor of medicine, health policy and management, and environmental health sciences, and dean emeritus of the School of Public Health at the University of California, Los Angeles.


Warden was presented the Adam Yarmolinsky Medal, which recognizes an IOM member from a discipline outside the health and medical sciences.  Warden has greatly contributed to improving health care through his role as a nationally recognized health systems administrator at the Henry Ford Health System in Detroit, where he demonstrated how focusing on quality could lead to system-wide improvements in care.  He played a significant role in establishing several influential organizations, including the National Committee for Quality Assurance and the National Quality Forum.  Warden has been a key contributor and a leading figure in the IOM for more than 25 years.  A long-time member of IOM's Board on Health Care Services, he also has been a member of the IOM Council, reviewed multiple IOM reports, and served on and chaired several committees.  Notably, Warden served on the IOM committee that produced the seminal reports To Err is Human: Building a Safer Health System and Crossing the Quality Chasm: A New Health System for the 21st Century.  He recently chaired the committee that wrote Health IT and Patient Safety: Building Safer Systems for Better Care, and he led the committee in producing a thoughtful, high-quality report that has already started changing the field of health IT.  Warden is president emeritus of the Henry Ford Health System.


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