Monitoring HIV/AIDS Care: New IOM Report


The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is expected to improve access to health care for many Americans, including people living with HIV. Accurate monitoring of the scope of the HIV/AIDS epidemic and the availability and success of treatment programs is necessary to assess the ACA’s impact on this patient population. A new report from the Institute of Medicine concludes that with enhancements, the Medical Monitoring Project (MMP) can be used to obtain data from a nationally representative sample of people with HIV in order to monitor the ACA’s effect on their access to and use of care. The MMP needs some adjustments to ensure higher response rates and to collect information on HIV-diagnosed individuals who are not in care, such as adolescents and immigrants, the report says. Data from other sources such as Medicaid, Medicare, the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program, and private insurers also can be used to monitor changes at the state, local, and program levels.


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