Managing the Army Corps of Engineers Aging Infrastructure - New Report


A new report from the National Research Council examines the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' national water infrastructure -- including levees and dams -- and provides options for improvement and advice on priorities for maintaining the aging projects.  The Corps oversees several mission areas that include navigation, flood risk management, ecosystem restoration, hurricane and storm damage reduction, water supply, hydroelectric power generation, and recreation.  Currently its extensive infrastructure consists of approximately 700 dams, 14,000 miles of federal levees, and 12,000 miles of river navigation channel and control structures. 


Advance copies of Sustainable Paths for Corps of Engineers Water Infrastructure: Priorities, Investment, and Divestment will be available to reporters only beginning at 3 p.m. EDT Wednesday, Oct. 3.  The report is embargoed and not for public release before 11 a.m. EDT Thursday, Oct. 4.  Reporters: To obtain an embargoed copy, contact the Office of News and Public Information; tel. 202-334-2138 or e-mail