Assessing Illness and Death Counts Following Large-Scale Disasters – Aug. 29 and 30 Workshop

A National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine workshop will examine the current systems and capabilities for collecting and reporting death-count data during and after a large-scale disaster, particularly hurricanes, earthquakes, and non-infectious disease-related events. The workshop is part of the information-gathering process for a National Academies consensus study, Best Practices in Assessing Mortality and Significant Morbidity Following Large-Scale Disasters.

Public health experts will present case studies from Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. Officers from Florida’s Department of Public Health will also discuss the state’s system for assessing post-disaster illness and death. In addition, speakers from academia and state, county, and tribal health departments will explore why accurate data collection is important for preparing for the next large-scale disaster.

Aug. 29 and 30
National Academy of Sciences building
2101 Constitution Ave N.W., Room 120
Washington, D.C.
Agenda | Webcast

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