July 25, 2013

Jefferson Science Fellows Honored at NAS

A ceremony on July 24 at the National Academy of Sciences building celebrated the work of the outgoing group of Jefferson Science fellows.  The fellowship program, which is administered by the Academy's Policy and Global Affairs division, was created in 2003 as a way to engage American scientists, engineers, and health professionals in formulating and implementing U.S. foreign policy.

Fellows, drawn from U.S. faculty members, spend a year at the State Department or USAID as science advisers on foreign policy issues. The 2012-2013 group of fellows worked with the agencies on issues ranging from child health to wildlife trafficking to farming productivity. The fellows pointed to benefits from the experience as well; Roger Kjelgren said he spent his fellowship at the State Department's Office of Economic Analysis "seeing the world in a way I could never have done on campus."

Institute of Medicine President Harvey Fineberg, who opened the ceremony, called the program  a "remarkable demonstration of partnership" among government, philanthropic, and higher education institutions. The fellows were also congratulated during remarks given by National Academy of Engineering President C.D. (Dan) Mote Jr.; Science and Technology Adviser to the Secretary of State E. William Colglazier; and Jerry O'Brien, deputy director of the Office of Science and Technology at USAID.