"Reports & Events" is a monthly tip sheet for the news media that highlights selected meetings of interest and reports from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine.

Selected Events in May 2018
Click on each event's title to access meeting details, an agenda, and registration information, or contact the Office of News and Public Information (202-334-2138 or e-mail news@nas.edu). Reporters should register for all meetings. More events can be found at http://www8.nationalacademies.org/publicevent/.

Clinician Well-Being and Resilience
May 2 | Washington, D.C.
The National Academy of Medicine's Action Collaborative on Clinician Well-Being and Resilience will hold its third meeting, featuring a keynote address by VADM Vivek H. Murthy, 19th surgeon general of the United States, on the effects of loneliness on clinician well-being and strategies to enhance human connection and community in the workplace.  In addition, selected artwork from Expressions of Clinician Well-Being will be on display throughout the meeting and during an evening reception, and artists will speak about the inspiration behind their artwork.  The event will also be webcast.

Integrating the Humanities and Arts with STEM: Report Release and Public Briefing
May 7 | Washington, D.C.
The National Academies will hold a public briefing to release The Integration of the Humanities and Arts with Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine in Higher Education: Branches from the Same Tree. The new report is the culmination of a two-year study that examined the evidence behind the assertion that more integrated educational experiences can better prepare graduates for life and work. Reporters who wish to attend the briefing or obtain a copy of the report should contact the Office of News and Public Information; tel. 202-334-2138. The briefing will also be webcast.

Obesity and Overweight in the Armed Forces
May 7 | Washington, D.C.
This workshop will examine the magnitude of obesity and overweight in the military, highlight existing approaches that support a healthy weight, and explore innovative cross-sector opportunities to overcome this challenge.  The event will also be webcast.

Patient Input in Medical Product Research & Development
May 9 | Washington, D.C.
Many efforts have been launched to advance the development and use of systematic approaches and tools to collect, analyze, and apply patient input to the medical product R&D life cycle and regulatory decision-making processes.  This workshop will examine and discuss gaps in knowledge and other barriers to patient input in early- and clinical-stage medical product R&D, with consideration of downstream regulatory and post-market decision-making.  In-person registration is at capacity; the event will be webcast.

Elastomeric Respirators in Health Care
May 22 | Washington, D.C.
This workshop of a National Academies committee examining the use of half-mask elastomeric respirators by health care workers will include discussions on user perspectives, research and hazard assessment, decision-making and implementation in emergencies, and communication and education.  The event will also be webcast.

Understanding Heterogeneous Treatment Effects for Patient-Centered Care
May 31 | Webcast
This conference, convened by the National Academy of Medicine and the Predictive Analytics and Comparative Effectiveness Center at Tufts Medical Center, will explore the inherent limitations of using group data to guide treatment decisions for individuals.  Topics will include examining heterogeneous treatment effects as they pertain to personalized decision-making and precision medicine, modifying care in light of more personalized evidence, and identifying policy and research priorities to facilitate translation and dissemination of these methods.  The event is only available via webcast.

Reports Scheduled for Release in May
Release dates for the following consensus reports and proceedings from the Academies depend on successful completion of the review process and publishing schedules. Reporters who would like to be notified when a report is due for release should contact the Office of News and Public Information -- 202-334-2138 or e-mail news@nas.edu -- and ask to be placed on the contact list.

An American Crisis: The Growing Absence of Black Men in Medicine and Science – Proceedings of a Workshop
Summarizes presentations and discussions from a November 2017 joint workshop with the W. Montague Cobb/NMA Health Institute that explored strategies to support entry and successful passage through educational and career transition points for black men in science and medicine.  The workshop also considered the role of government, educational systems, philanthropy, and others in supporting these strategies.

Data Science for Undergraduates: Opportunities and Options
Sets forth a vision for the emerging discipline of data science at the undergraduate level.  This report examines core underlying principles, intellectual content, and pedagogical issues specific to data science, including core concepts that distinguish it from neighboring disciplines.

Opportunities for Improving Programs and Services for Children With Disabilities
Reviews and assesses programs and services available to support children with disabilities and their families.  The report describes characteristics that contribute to the effectiveness of these programs, identifies gaps and limitations, and provides conclusions that can inform future policy, practice, and research to improve the health outcomes for children with disabilities, including those who receive Social Security Income benefits.

Re-engineering the Census Bureau's Annual Economic Surveys
Reviews the design of the Bureau's annual economic surveys and recommends short- and long-term agendas for systemic change that can improve relevance and accuracy of the data and streamline processes across surveys.




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