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Project Information

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Project Title:

Advancing Social and Behavioral Science Research and Application within the Weather Enterprise
PIN: DELS-BASCPR-15-04        

Major Unit:

Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education
Division on Earth and Life Studies

Sub Unit: Board on Atmospheric Sciences & Climate
Board on Environmental Change and Society
Board on Human-System Integration

RSO: Geller, Laurie

Subject/Focus Area: Behavioral and Social Sciences; Environment and Environmental Studies

Project Scope
An ad hoc committee will develop a framework for generating and applying social and behavioral science (SBS) research within the context of meteorology, weather forecasting, and weather preparedness and response. It will identify opportunities to accelerate relevant findings and better engage knowledge and practitioners from multiple social science fields with the weather enterprise, including multiple users of weather information (e.g., transportation, military, agriculture, aviation, energy).

Specifically, the committee will:

 1.     Assess current SBS activities and applications within the weather enterprise.

2.     Describe the potential value of improved integration of SBS and meteorological sciences and institutions, and identify barriers to better integration, which encompasses meteorological research, operational forecasting, and users of weather information.

3.     Develop a research agenda aimed at advancing the application of social and behavioral sciences for improving the nation’s weather readiness while providing opportunities to advance fundamental social science knowledge.

4.     Identify infrastructural and institutional arrangements necessary to successfully pursue SBS weather research and the transfer of relevant findings to operational settings. This will include:

a.     An examination of present roles within the public, private, and academic sectors of the weather enterprise for conducting SBS research and applying findings, and recommendation of strategies that could improve coordination.

b.    Specific mechanisms for improving interagency coordination to advance SBS research relevant to weather forecasting and emergency response.

c.     An assessment the types of routine observations needed to conduct SBS research in support of weather operations, as well as mechanisms within the enterprise for contributing to data collection.

d.    A discussion of implications for work force development, staffing, and training within the weather enterprise.

Project Duration: 18 months    

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Committee Membership
Committee Membership

 Meeting 1 - 06/30/2016
 Meeting 2 - 07/27/2016
 Meeting 3 - 10/06/2016
 Meeting 4 - 12/01/2016
 Meeting 5 - 01/19/2017
 Meeting 6 - 03/15/2017
 Meeting 7 - 11/06/2017


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Integrating Social and Behavioral Sciences Within the Weather Enterprise