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Project Information

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Project Title:

The Science of Changing Behavioral Health Social Norms
PIN: DBASSE-BBCSS-15-01        

Major Unit:

Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education
Institute of Medicine

Sub Unit: Committee on National Statistics
Board on Health Sciences Policy
Board on Behavioral, Cognitive, and Sensory Sciences

RSO: Vandemark, Lisa

Subject/Focus Area: Behavioral and Social Sciences; Education; Health and Medicine

Project Scope
An ad hoc committee under the auspices of the National Research Council and Institute of Medicine will examine the evidence base on strategies to change social norms, beliefs, and attitudes related to mental and substance use disorders.  The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Center for Behavioral Health Statistics and Quality (CBHSQ) at SAMHSA will use the recommendations for strategic planning within an ongoing program of research in the area of social norms and communications practices and to inform the SAMHSA Office of Communication’s future activities to change behavioral health social norms. 

The committee will review and discuss evidence on 1) the change in behavioral health norms needed to support individuals with mental and substance use disorders to seek treatment and other supportive services; 2) discrimination, negative attitudes, and stereotyping faced by individuals with mental health and/or substance use disorders; and 3) public knowledge about behavioral health, including how to seek help for people with such disorders.

The committee will issue a final report with recommendations to address the above issues.

Project Duration: 23 months    

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Committee Membership
Committee Membership

 Meeting 1 - 03/18/2015
 Meeting 2 - 03/19/2015
 Meeting 3 - 04/15/2015
 Meeting 4 - 04/16/2015
 Meeting 5 - 05/27/2015
 Meeting 6 - 06/29/2015
 Meeting 7 - 07/22/2015


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