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Project Information

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Project Title:

Toward 21st-Century Cyber-Physical Systems Education
PIN: DEPS-CSTB-13-01        

Major Unit:

Division on Engineering and Physical Sciences

Sub Unit: Computer Science & Telecommuncations Board DEPS

RSO: Eisenberg, Jon

Subject/Focus Area: Computers and Information Technology; Education; Engineering and Technology; Labor Force Issues; Space and Aeronautics; Transportation and Infrastructure

Project Scope
An ad hoc committee will conduct a study on the current and future needs in education for cyber-physical systems (CPS). Two workshops would be convened early on to gather input and foster dialogue, and a brief interim report would be prepared to highlight emerging themes and summarize related discussions from the workshops.  The committee's final report would articulate a vision for a 2l-st century CPS-capable U.S. workforce. It would explore the corresponding educational requirements, examine efforts already under way, and propose strategies and programs to develop faculty and teachers, materials, and curricula. It would consider core, cross-domain, and domain-specific knowledge. It would consider the multiple disciplines that are relevant to CPS and how to foster multidiscplinary study and work.  In conducting the study, the committee would focus on undergraduate education and also consider implications for graduate education, workforce training and certification, community colleges, the K-12 pipeline, and informal education.  It would emphasize the skills needed for the CPS scientific, engineering, and technical workforce but would also consider broader needs for CPS “fluency.”

The Project is sponsored by the National Science Foundation.
The approximate start date for the project is June 15, 2013.
The approximate end date for the project is May 31, 2015.
The project is expected to last for 24 months.

Project Duration: 24 months    

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Committee Membership
Committee Membership

 Meeting 1 - 01/13/2014
 Meeting 2 - 04/30/2014
 Meeting 3 - 05/29/2014
 Meeting 4 - 06/26/2014
 Meeting 5 - 07/29/2014
 Meeting 6 - 08/14/2014
 Meeting 7 - 10/02/2014
 Meeting 8 - 01/27/2015
 Meeting 9 - 02/17/2015
 Meeting 10 - 03/12/2015
 Meeting 11 - 10/23/2015
 Meeting 12 - 10/30/2015
 Meeting 13 - 11/06/2015
 Meeting 14 - 11/13/2015
 Meeting 15 - 11/20/2015


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Interim Report on 21st Century Cyber-Physical Systems Education
A 21st Century Cyber-Physical Systems Education