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Project Information

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Project Title:

Force Multiplying Technologies for Logistics Support to Military Operations
PIN: DEPS-BAST-13-01        

Major Unit:

Division on Engineering and Physical Sciences

Sub Unit: DEPS Board on Army Science & Technology

RSO: Braun, Bruce

Subject/Focus Area: National Security and Defense

Project Scope
In requesting this study, the Army asked the National Research Council (NRC) to undertake the following tasks:  

·  Explore options that could enable support to units operating in a global, complex environment in response to emerging anti-access and area-denial security challenges with a focus on the Asia and Pacific regions, as identified in the Joint Operational Access Concept (v1.0 17 Jan 12), as well as support to dispersed special operations units.

·   In the context of the first bullet, describe technology and advanced systems solutions that: reduce drivers for logistics requirements, particularly power and energy, maintenance, fuel and water by fundamentally changing the demand characteristics of the force and increasing capabilities that will allow demand to be satisfied at the point of need; improve intra-theater mobility and distribution;  improve near real time visibility of logistics information.  Identify S&T initiatives to predict and resolve equipment faults and failures to reduce life cycle sustainment costs.

·   Explore options and describe solutions that contribute to the integration and execution of Army logistics capabilities that improve responsiveness, agility, flexibility, and precision within a Joint concept of employment, to include optimization of SOF and Conventional Force interdependence within the areas of strategy, policy and concepts.  

·   Recommend a logistics-centric R&D investment strategy that includes a framework, specific research objectives and a roadmap to achieve the previously-described objectives.

·   Using the sponsor-provided unclassified scenario, develop 2-3 illustrative examples, to support and validate the concepts described in the committee’s report; the examples shall provide an operationally-focused assessment of the military value provided through solutions addressed in the concepts.

The project is sponsored by the Assistant Secretary of the Army (Acquisitions, Logistics, and Technology) and the Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics, Army G-4.

The start date for the project was September 27, 2013.

A report will be issued at the end of the project in approximately 12 months.

Project Duration: 12 months    

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Committee Membership
Committee Membership

 Meeting 1 - 11/12/2013
 Meeting 2 - 01/16/2014
 Meeting 3 - 02/04/2014
 Meeting 4 - 03/04/2014
 Meeting 5 - 05/05/2014


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