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Project Information

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Project Title:

Long-Term Pavement Performance
PIN: TRB-SASP-13-04        

Major Unit:

Transportation Research Board

Sub Unit: Studies and Special Programs Division

RSO: Raab, Robert

Subject/Focus Area: Transportation and Infrastructure

Project Scope
This committee, acting through the National Research Council, will advise the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) on the planning and execution of the Long-Term Pavement Performance (LTPP) studies.  The LTPP studies are a set of operational activities consisting of compiling and analyzing data that is being collected on more than 2,500 in-service highway pavements in the United States and Canada.  The principal objective of this data collection and analysis is to further the understanding of how and why pavements deteriorate when subjected to traffic loadings and environmental conditions.  Data collection and analysis began in 1987 and will continue beyond 2013 for a substantial number of these test sections that are still providing valuable data.  The program is also adding test sections to investigate the performance of warm-mix asphalt and other pavement topics.  The committee will prepare reports, including letter reports, containing the committee's evaluations and suggested mechanisms to enhance the utility to the states of the studies' outcomes.

This posting is for a continuation of an activity that will continue through 2016.

This activity is sponsored by the Federal Highway Administration.

NOTE: This project was initiated in May of 1996 and is still ongoing. Several letter reports have been issued to the FHWA and AASHTO by the TRB over this period. All of these reports can be found at the following website address:

NOTE: Committee members were reappointed and approved on October 18, 2016.

Project Duration: 36 months    

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Committee Membership
Committee Membership

 Meeting 1 - 10/29/2013
 Meeting 2 - 06/03/2014
 Meeting 3 - 10/14/2014
 Meeting 4 - 05/28/2015
 Meeting 5 - 10/28/2015
 Meeting 6 - 03/30/2016
 Meeting 7 - 10/31/2016
 Meeting 8 - 10/31/2016


Reports having no URL can be seen
at the Public Access Records Office
Letter Report #33 - January 2, 2014
Letter Report #34 - August 13, 2014
Letter Report #35 - December 15, 2014
Letter Report #36 - August, 3, 2015
Letter Report #37 - February 26, 2016
Letter Report #38 - May 16, 2016
Long-Term Pavement Performance and Long-Term Bridge Performance Committees Joint Letter Report: March 14, 2017