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Project Information

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Project Title:

Review and Update of Technical Issues Related to the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty
PIN: PGA-CISAC-09-01        

Major Unit:

Sub Unit: Committee on International Security and Arms Control

RSO: Eyring, Greg

Subject/Focus Area: Math, Chemistry, and Physics

Project Scope
The National Academies will review and update aspects of the analysis in the 2002 National Academies’ report, Technical Issues Related to the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test Ban Treaty, drawing on the latest evidence in each of the following areas:

1) Maintaining the safety and reliability of the U.S. stockpile. The committee will assess, including information developed for and produced by the Nuclear Posture Review, the Administration’s plan to manage the risks in ensuring, over the longer term, a safe and reliable nuclear weapons stockpile absent underground nuclear testing. The experience of the U.S. stockpile stewardship program, particularly in the last decade, will also be taken into account.

2) Nuclear explosion detection, location and identification. The committee will assess present nuclear explosion detection capabilities, taking into account the totality of assets accessible to the United States, including: (a) any improvements in U.S. national technical means in the last decade, and (b) operating experience of the international monitoring system. The committee might also consider how these capabilities are expected to improve over time.

3) Sustainability. The committee will assess what commitments are required to sustain: (a) America’s nuclear stockpile; (b) the U.S. monitoring system; and (c) an adequate international verification regime, including On-Site Inspection.

4) Technical Advances. The committee will assess the potential technical advances to nuclear weapon capabilities for other countries: (a) that result from evasive and non-evasive testing at levels below the U.S. detection capability; and (b) that result from returning to full-yield testing in a non-test-ban environment.

This project is sponsored by the National Academies, the Department of State, the Department of Energy, and the Carnegie Corporation of New York.

The Responsible Staff Officers are Greg Eyring and Benjamin Rusek.

The approximate start date is June 10, 2009.

Project Duration: 18 months    

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Committee Membership
Committee Membership

 Meeting 1 - 09/09/2009
 Meeting 2 - 09/29/2009
 Meeting 3 - 10/07/2009
 Meeting 4 - 10/21/2009
 Meeting 5 - 10/22/2009
 Meeting 6 - 11/18/2009
 Meeting 7 - 11/19/2009
 Meeting 8 - 12/01/2009
 Meeting 9 - 02/09/2010
 Meeting 10 - 03/11/2010
 Meeting 11 - 11/16/2010
 Meeting 12 - 12/08/2010
 Meeting 13 - 01/28/2011


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Technical Issues Related to the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (2002)