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Meeting Information

Project Title: Independent Scientific Review of Everglades Restoration Progress

PIN: DELS-WSTB-13-04         

Major Unit:
Division on Earth and Life Studies

Sub Unit:
Board on Environmental Studies & Toxicology
Water Science and Technology Board

Johnson, Stephanie

Subject/Focus Area:
Environment and Environmental Studies

Independent Scientific Review of Everglades Restoration Progress
February 22, 2018 - February 23, 2018
West Palm Beach Marriott
1001 Okeechobee Blvd.
West Palm Beach, FL 33401

If you would like to attend the sessions of this meeting that are open
to the public or need more information please contact:

Phone: 2023342496
Fax: 2023342496


Committee on Independent Scientific Review of Everglades Restoration Progress

Fourth Meeting of CISRERP VII
Marriott West Palm Beach
1001 Okeechobee Blvd.
West Palm Beach, Florida
February 22-23, 2018

Draft Agenda

Thursday, February 22

CLOSED SESSION (Committee and National Academies Staff Only)

8:00 – 8:50 a.m. Working session

OPEN SESSION (Everyone welcome)

9:00 a.m. Welcome and introductions Bill Boggess, chair

9:10 a.m. Issues with Marsh Restoration and Water Quality: Case Study of the Upper Taylor Slough Adaptive Management Plan
Presenters (~25 min total): Stuart Van Horn, SFWMD
Fred Sklar, SFWMD
Walter Wilcox, SFWMD

Panel discussion to include speakers and: David Rudnick, ENP
Paul Julian, FDEP
Evelyn Gaiser, FIU

10:10 a.m. CEPP Post Authorization Change Report: EAA Storage Reservoir Project
Matt Morrison, SFWMD
Walter Wilcox, SFWMD
Susan Gray, SFWMD
• Project Objectives
• Linkage to CEPP
• Planning considerations and assumptions
• Discussion of the alternatives (including conveyance)
• Modeling assumptions for base and FWO conditions
• Analyses of hydrologic and ecological benefits
• Rationale behind the choice of the TSP
• Next steps
• Discussion/Q&A

12:15 p.m. Lunch (Lunch is provided free of charge for speakers and committee members. Others may purchase lunch by contacting Brendan McGovern [])

1:15 p.m. Effect of Lake Okeechobee Operations on Lake Ecology
Presenter (~20-30 min): Zach Welch, SFWMD
Panel discussion:
Tim Breen, FWS
Paul Gray, Audubon
Chuck Hanlon, SFWMD
Tom James, SFWMD
Kang-Ren Jin, SFWMD
• What is known about the effects of high lake stages on lake ecology (including water quality, algal blooms, SAV, emergent vegetation, wading and migratory birds, endangered species, and fisheries)?
• What is known about the importance of low lake stages related to the mitigation of high lake stage impacts on lake ecology?
• What has been learned over the past decade about the use of other lake management strategies to mitigate the ecological stress associated with high lake stages over short durations?
• What are the documented ecological effects from the high lake stages in 2016 and 2017?
• How effectively can current modeling tools be used to predict the ecological effects of higher lake stages – in particular P transport into the littoral zone and spatial extent of SAV?

2:15 p.m. Overview of CERP and major non-CERP schedules
• Brief status of CERP projects under construction; timelines anticipated for completion; major issues that may need to be resolved to complete
• Brief overview of CERP projects in planning
• Status of major non-CERP projects that CERP is dependent upon (MWD, C-111 SD, Restoration Strategies) and schedule for completion; major issues that may need to be resolved to complete
• Near-term schedule including timing of CEPP elements and dependencies
Kim Taplin, USACE
Jennifer Leeds, SFWMD

2:55 p.m. Panel discussion: CERP leadership perspectives on issues affecting restoration progress
Eva Velez, SFWMD
LTC Jennifer Reynolds, USACE
Shannon Estenoz, DOI
3:45 p.m. Public comment
(Members of the public interested in addressing the committee for 3 minutes
must sign up during the meeting before 3:30 p.m.)

4:00 p.m. Adjourn

CLOSED SESSION (Committee and National Academies Staff Only)

4:15 p.m. Committee work session

5:30 p.m. Adjourn

Friday, February 23

CLOSED SESSION (Committee and National Academies Staff Only)

8:00 a.m. Committee work session

3:30 p.m. Adjourn

Closed Session Summary Posted After the Meeting

The following committee members were present at the closed sessions of the meeting:
Boggess Bill
Angelo Mary Jane
Driscoll Charley
Fennessy M. Siobhan
Graham Wendy
Havens Karl
Johnson Stephanie
McGovern Brendan
Miralles-Wilhelm Fernando
Moreau Dave
Orians Gordon
Policansky David
Reed Denise
Saiers James
Smith Eric
Wardrop Denice
Woodside Greg

The following topics were discussed in the closed sessions:
Report draft, future writing assignments, data needs, and future conference call schedules

The following materials (written documents) were made available to the committee in the closed sessions:

Date of posting of Closed Session Summary: February 26, 2018