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Meeting Information

Project Title: Successful Out-of-School STEM Learning

PIN: DBASSE-BOSE-12-05         

Major Unit:
Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education

Sub Unit:
Board on Science Education

Feder, Michael

Subject/Focus Area:

Successful Out-of-School STEM Learning Workshop
June 3, 2014 - June 5, 2014
National Academy of Sciences Building
2101 Constitution NW
Washington D.C. 20148

If you would like to attend the sessions of this meeting that are open
to the public or need more information please contact:

Contact Name: Kelly Arrington
Phone: 202-334-3776
Fax: 202-334-2210


JUNE 3& 4

National Academy of Sciences (NAS)
2100 Constitution Ave
Washington DC

Day 1: NAS Auditorium
Day 2: Lecture Room

Webcast Available at

Blog Space:

Workshop Agenda

June 3: NAS Auditorium

8:00 am Networking (Coffee and Light Refreshments)
Poster Set-Up for Lunch-Time Session

8:30 am Welcome and Overview
Martin Storksdieck, Director, Board on Science Education
Eric Jolly, President, Science Museum of Minnesota, Committee Chair
Joan Ferrini-Mundy, Assistant Director, Directorate for Education and Human Resources, National Science Foundation (Invited)
Dennis Schatz, National Science Foundation

9:15 am What and Where is STEM Learning Occurring
Nancy Peter, Out of School Time Resource Center, Committee Member
Lynn Liben, Pennsylvania State University, Committee Member
John Falk, Oregon State University, Committee Member
Ron Otinger, Executive Director, Noyce Foundation
Andrea Ingram, Vice President of Education and Guest Services, Chicago Museum of Science and Industry
Ellen Gannet, Director, National Institute on Out-of-School Time
Ellen Lettvin, Robert Noyce Fellow in Informal STEM Learning, US Department of Education
10:45 am Audience Reflection on Workshop Goals and Out-of-School STEM Learning
Michael Feder, Board on Science Education, Study Director

11:05 am What is Success
Milbrey McLaughlin, Stanford University, Committee Member
Jacque Eccles, University of California, Irvine, Committee Member
Karen Pittman, President and CEO, Forum for Youth Investment
Anita Krishnamurthi, Vice President, STEM Policy, Afterschool Alliance

12:35 pm Poster Session (Lunch Served)

1:30 pm Characteristics of Successful Out-of-School STEM Learning Efforts
Vera Michalchik, Stanford University, Committee Member
Bronwyn Bevan, Exploratorium, Committee Member
Emilyn Green, Executive Director, Community Science Workshop Network
Nathaniel Kendall-Taylor, Senior Researcher, Frameworks Institute

2:45 pm Expanding Access to STEM Learning
Cary Sneider, Committee Member
Sue Allen, Director of Research at Maine Mathematics and Science Alliance
Saskia Traill, Vice President for Policy and Research, The After-School Corporation
Maria Cabrera, Community Relations Museum of Science, Boston

3:55 pm Break

4:05 pm Audience Reflection on Success
Michael Feder, Board on Science Education, Study Director

4:30 pm Day 1 Themes and Take-a-Ways
Eric Jolly, Science Museum of Minnesota, Committee Chair
Committee members

5:00 pm Speed Networking (optional; Light refreshments)

5:30 pm Adjourn

June 4: Lecture Room

8:00 am Poster Session and Networking (Coffee and Light Refreshments)

8:30 am Welcome and Overview
Eric Jolly , Science Museum of Minnesota Committee Chair

8:45 am Understanding and Assessing Success
Bronwyn Bevan, Exploratorium, Committee Member
David Hammer, Tufts University
Phil Bell, Washington University
Brigid Barron, Stanford University

10:15 am Out-of-School STEM Learning Exemplars

Break Out 1: Local and National Youth Serving Programs (Lecture Hall)
Nancy Peter, Committee Member
Chad Ripberger, Rutgers University, 4-H STEM
Jason Lee, DAPCEP
Jill Walahoski, Nebraska University, Committee Member

Break Out 2: Youth Driven STEM Experiences (Room 118)
Jane Buikstra, Arizona State University, Committee Member
Rick Bonney, Cornell University
Natalie Rusk, MIT Media Lab
Gail Breslow, Computer Clubhouse Network
Shirin Vossoughi, Exploratorium/Stanford University (Cancelled Due to Illness) Replaced by Bronwyn Bevan, Committee Member

Break Out 3: STEM Programs Managed by Museums, Science Centers, Etc. (West Court)
Eric Jolly, Committee Chair
Kirsten Ellenbogen, Great Lakes Science Museum
Dale McCreedy, Franklin Institute
Bernadette Chi, Lawrence Hall of Science

Break Out 4: Afterschool, Informal and School Collaborations (Room 250)
Maya Garcia, DC Office of the State Superintendent of Education, Committee Member
James Short, American Museum of Natural of History
Debbie Zipes, Indiana Afterschool Network
Minda Borun, Franklin Institute
11:45 pm Poster Session (Lunch Served)

12:45 pm Systems for Successful Out-of-School STEM Learning
Cary Sneider, Portland State University, Committee Member
Michael Funk, After-School Division, CA State Department of Education
Kevin Crowley, University of Pittsburgh
Linda Kekelis, Techbridge

2:15 pm Policy Maker Reflections on Out-of-School STEM Learning
Eric Jolly, Committee Chair
Tom Payzant, Harvard University, and former Superintendent of Boston Public Schools
James Geringer, Director of Policy at Environmental Systems Research Institute, and former Governor of Wyoming
Mary Lord, President-Elect, National Association of the State Boards of Education, and the American Society for Engineering Education

3:15 pm Break

3:30 pm Workshop Themes and Lessons
Michael Feder, Board on Science Education, Study Director

4:30 pm Final Thoughts
Eric Jolly, Committee Chair
Committee Members

5:00 pm Thank-you and Adjourn

Closed Session Summary Posted After the Meeting

The following committee members were present at the closed sessions of the meeting:
Eric Jolly
Bronwyn Bevan
Jane Buikstra
John Falk
Maya Garcia
Lynn Liben
Milbrey McLaughlin
Nancy Peter
Cary Sneider
Jill Walahoski

The following topics were discussed in the closed sessions:
Review of workshop (6/3-4)
Discuss topics and major themes for commissioned paper
Review potential contributors for commissioned paper

The following materials (written documents) were made available to the committee in the closed sessions:

Date of posting of Closed Session Summary: July 31, 2013