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Meeting Information

Project Title: Expert Task Group on LTPP Traffic Data Collection and Analysis

PIN: SASP-P-07-91-C         

Major Unit:
Transportation Research Board

Sub Unit:
Studies and Special Programs Division

Raab, Robert

Subject/Focus Area:

Expert Task Group on LTPP Traffic Data Collection and Analysis
December 6, 2012 - December 7, 2012
Keck Center
500 5th Street, NW
Washington D.C. 20001

If you would like to attend the sessions of this meeting that are open
to the public or need more information please contact:

Contact Name: Robert Raab
Phone: (202) 334-2569
Fax: (202) 334-3510


Thursday, December 6, Room 101

1. Welcome and Administrative Matters - McDonnell, Raab
? Welcome ? Approve minutes from previous meeting ? Review meeting objectives and adopt agenda for this meeting (status of WIBNIs from previous meeting are listed under the appropriate discussions within the agenda).

2. Disclosure of Biases and Potential Conflicts of Interest - Raab
? If necessary, the members will disclose and discuss in closed session any changes to their previously disclosed biases and potential conflicts of interest, and update where necessary their BI/COI forms.

3. The ETG's Role Going Forward - Walker, López
? Review of the role of ETG in support of LTPP and the LCOM, in light of the FHWA decision to sunset the ETG and transfer its responsibilities to the LSPEC ETG.

4. LTPP Traffic Pooled-Fund Study Administrative Update - Walker
? Review of funds available to continue work ? Task Orders issued to Phase I and Phase II contractors through September 2013 ? Transition to State take-over of WIM sites ? Highlighting traffic pooled-fund study data ? Review of data requests received for data.

1000-1015 Morning Break

5. ETG’s Response to Traffic Pooled-Fund Study Administrative Update - Group

6. LTPP Traffic Pooled-Fund Study Technical Update (Phase I - Wolf
? Report on findings from the sites validated since the April 2012 meeting.

7. LTPP Traffic Pooled-Fund Study Technical Update (Phase II) - Czinku
? Detail on the condition of the 19 sites and give their recommendation for replacement of sensors ? Review of QC checks performed.

1145-1245 Lunch Break

8. ETG’s Response to Traffic Pooled-Fund Study Technical Update - Group
? Group discussion on the information presented by the Phase I and Phase II contractors ? ETG’s technical advice on how to continue the work of the pooled fund study through December 2015 (i.e. Should we discontinue data collection for some sites? Install new sensors at certain locations?).

9. Update of Verification of LTPP Classification Scheme Analysis Project - Hallenbeck
? Contractor will provide final results on the analyses of the LTPP class scheme.

10. Update of Development of New Default Traffic Datasets for the M-E PDG Analysis Project - Selezneva
? Contractor will provide final results on the analyses for developing new traffic defaults for the MEPDG.

1530-1545 Afternoon Break

11. ETG’s Response to Updates of Analysis Projects - Group
? Group discussion based on information presented by the contractors.
1730 Adjourn for the Day


12. Chairman’s Recap of the First Day’s Discussions - McDonnell
? Ambiguities needing clarification ? Select date and place for next meeting

13. Status of LTPP Traffic Data and LTAS- Ostrom, Walker
? Status of the amount of traffic data and its quality in SDR #27 ? Regional Data Checks of Data ? Highlighting High-Quality GPS Data

14. LCOM Report - McDonnell, Raab
? Chairman’s report on fall LCOM meeting ? LCOM’s Letter Report #29

15. Outreach and Communication Efforts - Walker, McDonnell
? Transportation Association of Canada Conference

1015-1030 Morning Break

16. Chairman’s Recap - McDonnell

17. Consensus on Findings and Recommendations - McDonnell
? In closed session, the ETG will review the meeting's discussions and come to a consensus on the ETG's findings and recommendations.

1130-1215 Lunch Break

18. Concluding Remarks - McDonnell

1330 End of Meeting

Closed Session Summary Posted After the Meeting

The following committee members were present at the closed sessions of the meeting:
Anne-Marie McDonnell
Andrew Nichols
Richard Reel
Elizabeth Stolz (by telephone)
Patricia Hu
Catherine Lawson

The following topics were discussed in the closed sessions:
The committee met briefly in closed session, confirmed the members’ remarks expressed in the open discussions of the meeting, and concluded that there was no need for a letter report or other more formal communication to the FHWA or AASHTO.

The chairman or her substitute will relate the committee's findings and recommendations to the TRB LTPP Committee at its next meeting

The following materials (written documents) were made available to the committee in the closed sessions:

Date of posting of Closed Session Summary: December 20, 2012