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Meeting Information

Project Title: Panel On Mechanical Science and Engineering at the Army Research Laboratory

PIN: DEPS-LAB-12-06         

Major Unit:
Division on Engineering and Physical Sciences

Sub Unit:
Laboratory Assessments Board DEPS
Army Research Laboratory Technical Assessment Board

Mozhi, Arul

Subject/Focus Area:
Engineering and Technology

Panel On Mechanical Science and Engineering at the Army Research Laboratory
June 28, 2016 - June 30, 2016
Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland

If you would like to attend the sessions of this meeting that are open
to the public or need more information please contact:

Contact Name: Eva Labre


Tuesday, June 28, 2016


0900-0915 WELCOME, Administrative Remarks and Introductions, Dr. Wesley Harris, TAB Panel Chair, and Dr. Corde Lane, Acting Science for Maneuver Campaign Lead, ARL

0915-1000 ARL Overview and Q&A Session, Dr. Philip Perconti, Acting Director, ARL

1000-1015 ARL Science for Maneuver Overview, Dr. Mark Valco, Science for Maneuver Campaign Lead

1015-1030 Break


1030-1045 Mechanics Research Strategy Overview, Mr. Elias Rigas (SESSION Lead)

1045-1110 Talk 1 – Experimental and analytical investigation of Continuous Trailing-Edge Flap (CTEF) actuation authority (Mr. Matt Wilbur, VTD/VARD)

1110-1135 Talk 2 – Koopman Decompositions of Periodically Forced Hopf Bifurcation Flows and Generalized Spectral Decompositions of Fractional Order Systems (Dr. Adam Svenkeson, VTD/VARD)

1135-1200 Talk 3 – Characterization of coaxial rotor performance and vibratory loads (Dr. Rajneesh Singh, VTD/VARD)

1200-1225 Talk 4 – Electro-active materials for actuation, sensing and control
(Dr. Geoffrey Slipher (VTD/ASD))

1225-1255 Obtain Working Lunch – Discussion and Question/Answer Session with ARL Staff

1255-1310 Panel Deliberations and Discussions


1310-1325 Energy and Propulsion Overview, Dr. Edward Shaffer (SESSION CO-LEAD)

1325-1350 Talk 1 – Spray and Combustion Behavior for Conventional and Alternative Military Heavy Fuels (Dr. Mike Kweon, VTD/PD)

1350-1415 Talk 2 – Tribology and Lubrication Science for High Performance Power Transmissions (Dr. Stephen Berkebile, VTD/PD)

1415-1440 Talk 3 – Catalytic Energy Conversion (Dr. Dat Tran, SEDD/E&P)

1440-1505 Talk 4 – Transient Thermal Management of Electronic Components (Mr. Nick Jankowski, SEDD/E&P)

1505-1520 Break


1520-1545 Logistics and Sustainability Overview, Mr. Dy Le (SESSION LEAD)

1545-1615 Talk 1 – Materials Damage Precursor (Dr. Dan Cole, VTD/MD)
1615-1645 Talk 2 – Reduced Logistical Burden via Composite Driveshaft (Dr. Todd Henry, VTD/MD)
1645-1715 Talk 3 – Advanced Sensor Fusion (Dr. Mulugeta Haile, VTD/MD)

1715-1730 Panel Deliberations and Discussions

1730 Adjourn and Panel Shuttles to Vandiver Inn

1830 Joint Working Dinner: Panel Engages in Discussion with the ARL Staff

2030 Adjourn

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

0845-0900 Recap of Day 1, Context of Day 2, Dr. Corde Lane (Acting Campaign Lead)

Location: VTD Laboratory and Open Atrium Area (Building 4603)

Poster Sessions:
#1 (0900-1000);
#2 (1010-1110);
#3 (1120-1220)
Concurrent Laboratory Open House:
1. Spray and Combustion Science Laboratory - Combustion Experiment and Modeling, Dr. Jacob Temme (VTD/PD)
2. Microsystems Aeromechanics Wind Tunnel – UAV Experiments and Modeling, Dr. John Hrynuk (VTD/ASD)
3. Prognostics and Diagnostics Laboratory – Structural Damage Detection Demo, Mr. Michael Coatney (VTD/MD)
4. Small Engine Altitude Research Facility – Engine Research, Dr. Mike Szedlmayer / Dr. Ken Kim (VTD/PD)
5. Tribology Science Laboratory – Lubrication and Wear Research, Mr. Mark Riggs and Dr. Stephen Berkebile (VTD/PD)
6. Bearing Research Laboratory – Component Failure Mitigation, Dr. Adrian Hood (VTD/PD)
7. Drivetrain Systems Laboratory – Glenn Research Center Field Element, Dr. Kelsen LaBerge / Mr. Waldo Acosta (VTD/PD)
8. High Temperature Component/Fatigue Research – Blade Coatings, Dr. Anindya Ghoshal / Dr. Muthuvel Murugan / Dr. Michael Walock (VTD/PD)
9. Structure Integrity and Durability Lab – Additive Manufacturing of XLADD Components, Dr. Terrence Johnson (VTD/MD)
10. Structure Integrity and Durability Lab – Durable and Damage Tolerant Composites, Dr. Robert Haynes (VTD/MD)
11. Open Atrium – Continuous Trailing Edge Flap (CTEF ) Specimen, Dr. Robert Thornburgh (VTD/VARD)
12. Open Atrium - Energy and Power Research – Power and Energy Component Research, Dr. Mark Wood (SEDD/E&P)

0900-1000 Poster Session 1

Platform Mechanics Posters
Poster 1 – Title from Talk 1 of Mechanics Session (#1, Day 1) Mr. Matt Wilbur, VTD/VARD
Poster 2 – Title from Talk 2 “ … “ Dr. Bryan Glaz, VTD/VARD
Poster 3 – Title from Talk 3 “ … “ Dr. Rajneesh Singh, VTD/VARD
Poster 4 – Title from Talk 4 “ … “ Mr. John Gerdes, VTD/VARD
Poster 5 – Rotorcraft Capability Assessment and Tradeoff Environment Mr. Eric Spero, VTD/VARD
Energy and Propulsion Posters
Posters 6 – Hybrid Gears Dr. Kelsen LaBerge, VTD/PD
Posters 7 – Failure Progression in High Speed Gearing Mr. Kevin Radil, VTD/PD
Posters 8 – VSPT flow transition and separation Mr. Doug Thurman, VTD/PD
Posters 9 – Effect of Semi-Molten Particulate on Tailored Thermal Barrier Coatings for Gas Turbine Engine Dr. Michael Walock/Dr. Anindya Ghoshal, VTD/PD
Logistics and Sustainability
Posters 10 – VRAMS Poster Dr. Mulugeta Haile, VTD/MD
Posters 11 – Magnetostrictive Material Modeling for Structural Health Monitoring Dr. Jin Yoo, VTD/MD

1000-1010 Break

1010-1110 Poster Session 2

Energy and Propulsion Posters
Poster 1 – Title from Talk 1 of Energy & Prop. Session (#2, Day 1) Dr. Mike Kweon, VTD/PD
Poster 2 – Title from Talk 2 “ … “ Dr. Stephen Berkebile, VTD/PD
Poster 3 – Title from Talk 3 “ … “ Dr. Dat Tran, SEDD/E&P
Poster 4 – Title from Talk 4 “ … “ Mr. Nick Jankowski, SEDD/E&P
Poster 5 – Advanced Thermal and High Voltage Electronics Packaging Dr. Lauren Boteler, SEDD/E&P
Poster 6 – Solid State Circuit Breaker Mr. Damian Urciuoli, SEDD/E&P
Poster 7 – Experimental Investigation of Physiochemical Fuel Effects on Combustion at Elevated Ambient Temperature Dr. Jacob Temme, VTD/PD
Platform Mechanics Posters
Poster 8 – Assessment of Rotorcraft Comprehensive Analysis for Tiltrotor Aeroelastic Stability Dr. Hao Kang, VTD/VARD
Poster 9 – Multi-fidelity modeling of active rotor concepts Dr. Matt Floros, VTD/VARD
Poster 10 – Performance and stability of overlapped quadrotor VTOL vehicle Mr. Mike Avera, VTD/VARD
Posters 11 – Mission-Driven Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Design and Validation Mr. Nathan Beals, (VTD/VARD)
Logistics and Sustainability
Posters 12 – Topology Optimization for Additive Manufacturing Dr. Terrence Johnson, VTD/MD/Postdoc.
Poster 13 – Damage Precursor Detection and Identification in Composite Materials Dr. Robert Haynes, VTD/MD

1110-1120 Break

1120-1220 Poster Session 3

Logistics and Sustainability
Poster 1 – Title from Talk 1 of Log. & Sust. Session (#3, Day 1) Dr. Dan Cole (VTD/MD)
Poster 2 – Title from Talk 2 “ … “ Dr. Todd Henry (VTD/MD)
Poster 3 – Title from Talk 3 “ … “ Dr. Mulugeta Haile (VTD/MD)
Platform Mechanics Posters
Posters 4 – Bio Inspired Air Vehicle with Arbitrary Wing Kinematics Mr. John Gerdes (VTD/VARD)
Posters 5 – Neuromorphic control, theory and hardware Mr. Justin Shumaker (VTD/ASD) and Dr. Michael Dorothy (VTD/ASD)
Posters 6 – The role of wake geometry in axial rotary and flapping propulsion Mr. Chris Kroninger (VTD/ASD)
Posters 7 – Autonomous Navigation and Work in 3-D Constrained Space Mr. Harris Edge (VTD/ASD) and Mr. Chad Kessens (VTD/ASD)
Posters 8 – High-fidelity Modeling of Dynamic Limbed Systems Mr. Jason Pusey (VTD/ASD)
Poster 9 – Low Reynolds number dynamic stall Dr. John Hrynuk, VTD/ASD and Dr. Michael Dorothy, VTD/ASD
Energy and Propulsion Posters
Poster 10 – High-Fidelity Multiscale Simulations of High Pressure Atomization and Droplet Formation Due to Primary Breakup Dr. Luis Bravo (VTD/PD)
Posters 11 – Nonlinear Ultrasonics and Advanced Sensing Methods for High Temperature Propulsion Materials Dr. Anindya Ghoshal (VTD/PD)
Posters 12 – Characterization of Transient High-Pressure Heavy Hydrocarbon Fuel Behaviors Dr. Jacob Temme, VTD/PD
Posters 13 – Probabilistic Failure Assessment of High Temperature Engine Components Dr. Michael Shiao (VTD/PD)

1220-1300 Obtain Working Lunch – Discussion and Question/Answer Session with ARL Staff

1500-1600 Panel Subject Matter Experts Separate and Meet for Technical Discussions with ARL Scientists in the Three Research Focus Areas:
• Platform Mechanics (room 106, first floor)
• Energy and Propulsion (room 160, first floor laboratory)
• Logistics and Sustainability (room 119, first floor)

Thursday, June 30, 2016

1100-1200 Panel Discussions with ARL Personnel

1200 Panel Meeting Adjourns

1200 Panel Chair meets with ARL Director

1300 Adjourn

Closed Session Summary Posted After the Meeting

The following committee members were present at the closed sessions of the meeting:
Wesley Harris
L. Catherine Brinson
David Peters
Kenneth Rosen
Edward C. Smith
Francesco Bullo
Jayant S. Sabnis
William Sirignano
Ben T. Zinn
Fu-Kuo Chang
Glenn S. Daehn
Michael Salkind
F. Stan Settles
Ryan Wicker

The following topics were discussed in the closed sessions:
Review of the agenda and criteria and plan for the review.
Discussion of findings from the review.
Plan for the preparation of the final report.

The following materials (written documents) were made available to the committee in the closed sessions:

Date of posting of Closed Session Summary: July 6, 2016