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Meeting Information

Project Title: Panel On Mechanical Science and Engineering at the Army Research Laboratory

PIN: DEPS-LAB-12-06         

Major Unit:
Division on Engineering and Physical Sciences

Sub Unit:
Laboratory Assessments Board DEPS
Army Research Laboratory Technical Assessment Board

Mozhi, Arul

Subject/Focus Area:
Engineering and Technology

Panel On Mechanical Science and Engineering at the Army Research Laboratory
July 8, 2015 - July 10, 2015
Army Research Laboratory, Adelphi, Maryland

If you would like to attend the sessions of this meeting that are open
to the public or need more information please contact:

Contact Name: Eva Labre


8 July 2015

0930-0945 WELCOME, Administrative Remarks and Introductions, Dr. Wesley Harris, Panel Chair, and Dr. Mark Valco, Director, Vehicle Technology Directorate (VTD), ARL

0945-1015 ARL Overview, Dr. Thomas Russell, Director, ARL
THEME: Changing the Culture of ARL through Research, Management, and Leadership Strategy

1015-1030 ARL Science for Maneuver Overview, Dr. Mark Valco, Director, VTD
THEME: Refocusing Research Directions to the New Science for Maneuver Campaign Strategy

1030-1045 Break

1045-1105 ARL Vehicle Intelligence Overview, Dr. Jon Bornstein, Chief Autonomous System Division, VTD
THEME: Mission Focus and Leveraged Relationship with Collaborative Technology Alliances (CTAs)

TAB-Topical CTAs

1105-1120 Robotics CTA ¬, Dr. Jon Bornstein, Chief Autonomous System Division, VTD

1120-1140 Micro Autonomous Systems Technology (MAST) CTA, Dr. Brett Piekarski, Sensors and Electron Devices Directorate (SEDD), ARL

Intelligence and Control Research

1140-1155 Intelligence and Control Overview, Mr. Stuart Young, Computational and Information Sciences Directorate (CISD), ARL

1155-1220 Talk 1 – Spatial Reasoning in Uncertain Conditions, Dr. Doug Summers-Stay, CISD

1220-1240 Obtain Working Lunch

1240-1305 Talk 2 – Autonomous Mobile Robot Exploration with an Information-gain Metric, Dr. John Rogers, CISD

1305-1330 Talk 3 – Unsupervised Entity Linking in Text Corpora, Mr. Garrett Warnell, CISD

1330-1355 Talk 4 – Autonomous Self-Righting for a Generic Robot with Dynamic Maneuvers – Mr. Chad Kessens, VTD

1355-1410 Break

1425-1525 Poster Session for Intelligence & Control

Perception Research

1540-1555 Perception Area Overview, Dr. Raghuveer Rao, SEDD

1555-1620 Talk 1–Autonomous Squad Member, Dr. MaryAnne Fields, VTD

1620-1645 Talk 2– Data-driven Learning and Semantic Interpretation of Human Action Attributes, Dr. Prudhvi Gurram, SEDD

1645-1710 Talk 3–Efficient Semi-Supervised Discovery and Labeling of Local Environments to Improve Visual Classification for Autonomous Navigation, Ms. Maggie Wigness, CISD

1830-2030 Joint Working Dinner: Panel & ARL Personnel continue discussions

9 July 2015

0830-0845 Recap of Day 1, Context of Day 2, Dr. Jon Bornstein, Chief Autonomous System Division, VTD

Human Machine Interaction Research

0845-0900 Human Machine Interaction Overview, Dr. Susan Hill, Human Research and Engineering Directorate (HRED), ARL
0900-0925 Talk 1 – Human-Robot Trust, Dr. Kristin Schaefer, HRED

0925-0950 Talk 2 – Multimodal Displays for Human Robot Interaction, Dr. Linda Elliott, HRED

0950-1015 Talk 3 – Human-Autonomy Sensor Fusion for Rapid Object Detection, Dr. Ryan Robinson, SEDD

1015-1030 Break

1045-1245 Poster Session for Perception and Human-Machine Interaction and possible tour or demonstration

1245-1300 Wrap-up of Formal Data Gathering Session, Dr. Mark Valco, Director, VTD, and Q&A Session between ARL and Panel

10 July 2015

1000-1100 Panel Subject Matter Experts Separate (room locations TBD) and Meet for Technical Discussions with ARL Scientists in the Three Research Focus Areas:

• Intelligence and Control
• Perception
• Human Machine Interaction

1100-1200 Panel Meets with ARL Staff and Scientists for Discussions

Closed Session Summary Posted After the Meeting

The following committee members were present at the closed sessions of the meeting:
Wesley Harris
Ruzena K. Bajcsy
Fu-Kuo Chang
Gregory D. Hager
Agnes C. Klucha
William Q. Meeker
Charles E. Thorpe
Ayanna M. Howard
David Peters
Armando Antonio Rodriguez
William Sirignano
Edward C. Smith
Dennis F. Wilkie
Ben T. Zinn
Julie A. Shah
Rainer Hebert
Kenneth Rosen
Michael Salkind
F. Stan Settles
Holly Yanco

The following topics were discussed in the closed sessions:
- Review of potential sources of perception of bias and conflict of interest
- Review of the scope of task for the panel
- Review of the meeting agenda
- Deliberation of findings from the materials presented during the review

The following materials (written documents) were made available to the committee in the closed sessions:

Date of posting of Closed Session Summary: July 20, 2015