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Meeting Information

Project Title: The Biological and Psychosocial Effects of Peer Victimization: Lessons for Bullying Prevention

PIN: IOM-BCYF-14-09         

Major Unit:
Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education
Institute of Medicine

Sub Unit:
Board on Children, Youth, and Families
Committee on Law and Justice

Le Menestrel, Suzanne

Subject/Focus Area:
Behavioral and Social Sciences; Education; Health and Medicine

The Biological and Psychosocial Effects of Peer Victimization: Lessons for Bullying Prevention
April 7, 2015 - April 8, 2015
Keck Center
500 5th Street, NW
Washington D.C. 20001

If you would like to attend the sessions of this meeting that are open
to the public or need more information please contact:

Contact Name: Annalee Gonzales
Phone: 202-334-2001


1:00 p.m. Welcome
Frederick Rivara, Committee Chair
1:05 p.m. Remarks on Study Statement of Task from Sponsors (5 minutes for each organization/agency)
• Yvonne Cook, President, Highmark Foundation
• Ingrid Donato, Chief, Mental Health Promotion Branch, Division of Prevention, Traumatic Stress, and Special Programs, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
• Elizabeth Edgerton, Director, Division of Child, Adolescent, and Family Health, Maternal and Child Health Bureau, Health Resources and Services Administration, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
• Jennifer Ng’andu, Program Officer, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (Via Phone)
• Alana Vivolo-Kantor, Health Scientist, National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
• Phelan Wyrick, Division Director, Crime and Crime Prevention Research Division, National Institute of Justice, U.S. Department of Justice

1:35 p.m. Committee Discussion with Sponsors

2:40 p.m. Public Comment and Questions from Audience

3:10 p.m. Concluding Remarks
Frederick Rivara, Committee Chair

3:15 p.m. Adjourn Open Session

Closed Session Summary Posted After the Meeting

The following committee members were present at the closed sessions of the meeting:
Fred Rivara (Chair)
Angela Amar
Catherine Bradshaw
Daniel Flannery
Sandra Graham
Mark Hatzenbuehler
Matthew Masiello
Megan Moreno
Regina Sullivan
Jonathan Todres
Tracy Vaillancourt

The following topics were discussed in the closed sessions:
a) Reviewed areas of potential bias or conflict of interest according to NRC procedures.
b) Scope of study and work plan
c) Reviewed communication opportunities with IOM and NAS staff
d) Methodology for the study
e) Planned public information-gathering session

The following materials (written documents) were made available to the committee in the closed sessions:
Briefing book
Draft report outline

Date of posting of Closed Session Summary: April 14, 2015