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Meeting Information

Project Title: Economic and Fiscal Impact of Immigration

PIN: DBASSE-CNSTAT-13-03         

Major Unit:
Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education

Sub Unit:
Committee on National Statistics
DBASSE Committee on Population

Mackie, Chris

Subject/Focus Area:
Behavioral and Social Sciences

Economic and Fiscal Consequences of Immigration
January 9, 2014 - January 10, 2014
Keck Center
500 5th Street, NW
Washington D.C. 20001

Conference Room 201

If you would like to attend the sessions of this meeting that are open
to the public or need more information please contact:

Contact Name: Anthony Mann
Phone: 202-334-3266
Fax: 202-334-3751


Thursday, January 9, 2014

9:00AM Welcome, Introductions, Overview of Agenda
- Francine Blau, Chair
- Connie Citro, Director, Committee on National Statistics
- Robert Hauser, Director, DBASSE

9:30 Sponsor’s Interests and Goals for the Study
- Tara Magner, Program Officer, John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation

9:45 Discussion of Statement of Task and Prioritization of Topics
- Quick take on purpose, optimal orientation of the study from panel members
- Response from sponsor/attendees
- Open discussion

11:00 Break

11:15 Lessons from The New Americans Study
- Barry Edmonston, Charles Hirschman

11:45 Trends in U.S. Immigration: What has Changed Since 1997?
- How the composition of immigrants has changed, source countries pre and post-9/11 factors (e.g., unauthorized, underground economy)
- Great recession effects
- Legislative developments

George Borjas, Marta Tienda, Charles Hirschman, Jeff Passel

12:30PM Lunch

1:30 Preliminary Discussions—For each of the 3 Main Components of the Study: Identify Areas of Relative Consensus; Unresolved Issues; Strategies for Approaching these Topics; Work to be Commissioned, People to Present to the Panel

Macro-Effects of Immigration
- Relationship between immigration and macro-economic variables/outcomes, including income growth and distribution
- Relationship between the U.S. business cycle and flow of immigrants
- Housing/consumer goods
- Immigration and endogenous capital formation

Isaac Ehrlich, Michael Ben-Gad, Dowell Myers

Labor Market/Wages
- Immigrant labor impact on wages; variation by skill-set, occupation, sector
- Distributive effects—winners, losers
- Short- and long-run impacts
- Role of immigrants in entrepreneurial activity, innovation, job creation

Gordon Hanson, Pia Orrenius, George Borjas

3:30 Break

3:45 Fiscal Impacts
- Distribution of the budget impact by federal, state, and local
- Methodological alternatives—e.g., repeated annual estimates versus projected intergenerational estimates
- What was done for the New Americans analysis; what would be involved in updating that work?
- Data requirements and key role of assumptions in different approaches
- Extra demands for producing state estimates
- Costs or benefits to states that have enacted state-specific enforcement laws, such as Arizona, Alabama, and Georgia

Kim Rueben, Ryan Edwards, Jeff Passel, Christian Dustmann, Gretchen Donehower (UC Berkeley)

4:30 Implication of the Day’s Discussion for the Project Scope—Report Content; Panel Tasks Going Forward
- Chair, sponsor

5:00PM Planned Adjournment

Closed Session Summary Posted After the Meeting

The following committee members were present at the closed sessions of the meeting:
Michael Ben-Gad
Francine Blau
George Borjas
Christian Dustmann
Barry Edmonston
Ryan Edwards
Isaac Ehrlich
Charles Hirschmann
Dowell Myers
Pia Orrenius
Jeff Passel
Kim Rueben
Marta Tienda

The following topics were discussed in the closed sessions:
Friday, January 10

9:00AM Working Breakfast

9:30 Bias and Potential Conflict of Interest Discussion
- Kirsten Sampson-Snyder, DBASSE Reports Office

10:15 Review of Topics from Day 1; Identification of Priority Areas, Limitations; Review and Revise Panel Charge as Needed

11:15 Break

11:30 Discussion of Panel’s Major Tasks and Timelines
- Timeline and meeting dates
- Tasks: Outside presentations needed; commissioned papers
- Work Teams and assignments

12:15PM Working Lunch

1:00 Discussion of Panel’s Major Tasks and Timelines (cont’d)

2:00PM Planned Adjournment

The following materials (written documents) were made available to the committee in the closed sessions:

Date of posting of Closed Session Summary: January 13, 2014