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Welcome to the Current Projects System

The Current Projects System (CPS) provides information about our current committee activities that are subject to the requirements of Section 15 of the Federal Advisory Committee Act Amendments of 1997 (FACA). Information in CPS includes descriptions of project scope, names and affiliations of committee members and statements of their qualifications, notice of data-gathering meetings of committees, summaries of closed committee meetings or sessions, and titles of committee reports at the time that they are publicly released. We have established a Public Access Records Office to provide access to project materials available to the public.

Please note that not all activities of the National Academies are listed in CPS. Information on these other activities may be found by using the Search feature on the homepage of the National Academies or at the web sites of our major units such as the Transportation Research Board. We have taken comprehensive efforts to implement CPS as a reliable, user-friendly system. Nevertheless, unforeseen circumstances and matters beyond our control could temporarily disrupt the system. In the event you experience any disruption, please contact our Public Access Records Office at 202-334-3543