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A Framework for Assessing Health, Environmental, and Social Effects of the Food System
A Review of the USDA Agricultural and Food Research Initiative
Food Allergies: Global Burden, Causes, Treatment, Prevention, and Public Policy
Genetically-Engineered Crops: Past Experience and Future Prospects
Joint U.S.-Russian Assessment of Bioengagement: Impacts, Lessons Learned, and a Path Toward Future Collaboration
Nutrient Requirements of Beef Cattle (Eighth Revised Edition)
Nutrient Requirements of Dairy Cattle, 8th edition
Nutrient Requirements of Swine (Eleventh Revised Edition)
Revisiting Brucellosis in the Greater Yellowstone Area
Sustainability Considerations for the Future of Animal Agriculture Science Research
Sustainability Linkages in the Federal Government
Sustainable Development of Algal Biofuels
Sustainable Water and Environmental Management in the California Bay-Delta
Behavioral and Social Sciences
A Prioritized Plan to Implement a Developmental Approach in Juvenile Justice Reform
Accounting for Socioeconomic Status in Medicare Payment Programs
Addressing Priority Technical Issues for the Next Decade of the American Community Survey
Addressing the Challenges of Climate Change Through the Behavioral and Social Sciences
Advice to the US Global Change Research Program
Affordability of NFIP Premiums
Assessing Approaches to Updating the Social Cost of Carbon