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Accounting for Socioeconomic Status in Medicare Payment Programs
Review of the Research Program of the U.S. DRIVE Partnership, Phase 5
Advancing Social and Behavioral Science Research and Application within the Weather Enterprise
Developing a Smarter National Surveillance System for Occupational Safety and Health in the 21st Century
A National Strategy for the Elimination of Hepatitis B and C
Modernizing the Nation’s Crime Statistics
Research Methodologies and Statistical Approaches to Understanding Driver Fatigue Factors in Motor Carrier Safety and Driver Health
Human Gene Editing: Scientific, Medical and Ethical Considerations
Evaluating Approaches to Assessing Prevalence and Trends in Obesity
Review of the Marine Recreational Information Program
Decadal Survey for Earth Science and Applications from Space - Panel on Marine and Terrestrial Ecosystems and Natural Resource Management
Using Multiple Data Sources and State-of-the-Art Estimation Methods in Federal Statistics: Frameworks, Methods, and Assessment
How People Learn II: The Science and Practice of Learning
Long-Term Pavement Performance
Review of the Long-Term Bridge Performance Program
Assessing Approaches to Updating the Social Cost of Carbon
The Supply Chain for Middle-Skill Jobs: Education, Training, and Certification Pathways
Review of Science, Technology, Innovation, and Partnership (STIP) for Development and Implications for the Future of USAID
Review of the Compliance, Safety, Accountability Program of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
Health Consequences of Marijuana: An Evidence Review and Research Agenda