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Review of the Florida Aquifer Storage and Recovery Regional Study Technical Data Report
Assessment of the Governance Structure of the NNSA National Security Laboratories
Nutrient Requirements of Beef Cattle (Eighth Revised Edition)
Real-Time Monitoring of Offshore Oil and Gas Operations
Offshore Oil and Gas Industry Safety Culture
Lessons Learned from the Fukushima Nuclear Accident for Improving Safety and Security of U.S. Nuclear Plants
Community-based Flood Insurance Options
Developing a U.S. Research Agenda to Advance Subseasonal to Seasonal Forecasting
Supporting the Parents of Young Children
Use of Economic Evidence to Inform Investments in Children, Youth, and Families
Study on Family Caregiving for Older Adults
Gulf War and Health, Volume 10: Update of Health Effects of Serving in the Gulf War
A Strategy to Optimize the U.S. Optical and Infrared System in the Era of the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST)
State of Molybdenum-99 Production and Utilization and Progress toward Eliminating Use of Highly Enriched Uranium
The State of the Science in Ovarian Cancer Research
Economic and Fiscal Impact of Immigration
Determinants of Market Adoption of Advanced Energy Efficiency and Clean Energy Technologies
Identifying and Prioritizing New Preventive Vaccines for Development
Regaining the Technology Baseline in the U.S. Air Force: A Workshop
Survey of Surveys: Lessons Learned from the Decadal Survey Process