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Space-Based Additive Manufacturing of Space Hardware
Review of Clinical Guidance for the Care of Health Conditions Identified by the Camp Lejeune Legislation
Review of Advancements in Active Electro-Optical Systems to Avoid Technological Surprise Adverse to U.S. National Security
Genetically-Engineered Crops: Past Experience and Future Prospects
Determinants of Market Adoption of Advanced Energy Efficiency and Clean Energy Technologies
Psychological Testing, Including Symptom Validity Testing, for Social Security Administration Disability Determinations
Successful Out-of-School STEM Learning
Continuing Innovation in Information Technology: A Workshop
Establishing and Promoting a Culture of Safety in Academic Laboratory Research
Review of the National Science Foundation's Division of Atmospheric and Geospace Sciences (AGS) Draft Science Goals and Objectives
Evaluating Potential Exposure to Agent Orange/TCDD Residue and Level of Risk of Adverse Health Effects for Aircrew of Post-Vietnam C-123 Aircraft
Health Implications of Raising the Minimum Age for Purchasing Tobacco Products
Sustainability Considerations for the Future of Animal Agriculture Science Research
Assessment of Agent-Based Models to Inform Tobacco Product Regulation
Capitalizing on Science, Technology, and Innovation: An Assessment of the Small Business Innovation Research Program - Phase II
Measuring the Impact of Interprofessional Education (IPE) on Collaborative Practice and Patient Outcomes
A Strategy to Optimize the U.S. Optical and Infrared System in the Era of the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST)
Review of the Risk Assessment Process for Pesticides in the California EPA's Department of Pesticide Regulation
Intercity Passenger Travel: Opportunities and Issues in Short-haul Markets
State of the Art and Practice in Earthquake Induced Soil Liquefaction Assessment