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Project Information

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Project Title:

Evaluation of Chesapeake Bay Program Implementation for Nutrient Reduction to Improve Water Quality
PIN: DELS-WSTB-09-08        

Major Unit:

Division on Earth and Life Studies

Sub Unit: Water Science and Technology Board
Board on Agriculture and Natural Resources
Ocean Studies Board

RSO: Johnson, Stephanie

Subject/Focus Area: Environment and Environmental Studies

Project Scope
The National Research Council (NRC) proposes to evaluate and provide advice on Chesapeake Bay Program (CBP) nutrient reduction efforts.  To carry out this work, the NRC will appoint a multidisciplinary committee of experts that will provide advice to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the six states in the Chesapeake Bay watershed, the District of Columbia, other federal agencies, and other interested parties. The committee will review the CBP, identify technical and strategic shortcomings, and recommend options for improving the effectiveness of its nutrient reduction program in order to accelerate reaching the overall goals to protect and restore the Chesapeake Bay.

Specifically, the committee will address the following questions:

Evaluation Theme I: Tracking and Accountability

1. Does tracking for implementation of nutrient and sediment point and non-point source pollution (including air) best management practices appear to be reliable, accurate, and consistent?

2. What tracking and accounting efforts and systems appear to be working, and not working, within each state (i.e., the six states in the watershed and DC), including federal program implementation and funding?  How can the system be strategically improved to address the gaps?

3. How do these gaps and inconsistencies appear to impact reported program results?

CBP Evaluation Theme II: Milestones

4. Is the two year milestone strategy, and its level of implementation, likely to result in achieving the CBP nutrient and sediment reduction goals for this milestone period?

5. Have each of the states (i.e., the six states in the watershed and DC) and the federal agencies developed appropriate adaptive management strategies to ensure that CBP nutrient and sediment reduction goals will be met?

6. What improvements can be made to the development, implementation, and accounting of the strategies to ensure achieving the goals?

The project is sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
The approximate start date for this project is July 21, 2009.
A report will be issued at the end of the project in approximately 21 months.

UPDATE 4-15-11: The project duration has been extended. The prepublication report is expected to be issued by May 2011 and the final report by later in 2011.

Project Duration: 21 months    

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Committee Membership
Committee Membership

 Meeting 1 - 12/16/2009
 Meeting 2 - 03/24/2010
 Meeting 3 - 09/09/2010
 Meeting 4 - 12/15/2010


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Achieving Nutrient and Sediment Reduction Goals in the Chesapeake Bay: An Evaluation of Program Strategies and Implementation